A Story of Hope

The team prayed for the people and their cattle

They used sound farming techniques. Soon the other people in the village noticed how well the teams cattle were doing, better than theirs. They wondered how these new people could prosper? For they were faithless and disobedient to the dominant religion. They didnt even go to the house of prayer!

So, the community sent their own missionaries to live with the Christian family, to convince them to return to the true religion. Seeing the opportunity, the JESUS film family began praying and fasting. Soon, the missionaries who were sent to correct their ways were asking questions! One missionary elder asked the team leader to explain his Christian beliefs.

Rather than answering your questions, would you mind if we showed you a film?The lead missionary agreed. The team pulled out their backpack set, speakers, screen and projector, and showed him JESUS.The elder watched transfixed again again and again seven days in a row! He started reading a Bible the team gave him.

At the end of the seven days, he gathered all 36 members of his large family before the team and announced:I am ready to make a decision. We are no longer going to follow our religion. We are going to follow the Jesus in this film.

Not only did his whole family come to faith, but over the next eight months, they planted 10 house churches sharing their faith and using JESUS, going from village to village, in a radical area! Our God is truly able to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

It is you and many partners who make all this possible. Thank you!

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