JESUS Reports from the Frontlines

Pastor Dinga took a bold step …

Entrusting himself to God, he went and knocked on Kakus door. As he waited, he knew that sharing the gospel could provoke a reaction. The man could alert others … radicals, costing him his life. The door opened.

Pastor Dinga explained that he had come to show Kaku a film about Jesus. Feeling the pastors love, the elderly mans reaction was unexpected. You are a Christian. You are the only one who has come to see me. Come in. I will watch.

The pastor turned on the video tablet and started sharing “JESUS”in Kakus heart language. The Living Word of God penetrated deep … Kaku believed and received Christ. Made new in Him and transformed, he could not contain his joy.

He asked Pastor Dinga to come back so his whole family could watch!

On his return, Pastor Dinga found not an empty, depressing house, but one filled with family. They all watched. Kakus wife believed first and then others.

Today Pastor Dinga visits the family to disciple them in their new faith. He is using that video tablet and the effective follow-up series, Walking With Jesus. A once sick and lost elderly man has found healing and restoration of his family and home the very love of Christ.

And that training conference? There were 90 other pastors and evangelists learning the same strategies to use video tablets and other digital devices, the Jesus Film Project app and more. They are now working in 16 countries of Africa, sharing the gospel with open hearts like Kakus, even in closed, resistant nations. They will be using the same digital tools that friends of “JESUS,”people like you, graciously supply.

And here is one more inspiring report to share.

There is an area of Asia that is best unnamed because the people of the villages follow a religion hostile to Christianity. A Jesus Film staff couple, Curt and Janna, had been delivering food to homes in poor villages during the COVID-19 lockdownsto people who usually will not listen to the Christians. But as relationships were established, hearts began to open.

Sensing an open door, Curt and Janna began to show these people short segments of the “JESUS”film to introduce them to the source of the love they had been experiencing.

Curt wrote: It was such an open door when we went to hand out copies of the entire film, we were surprised by the peoples response. Maybe you can tell by the light in her eyes, but this woman was genuinely delighted to get this copy of the ‘JESUS’ film that plugs right into her phone.

When you dont have food, work, Wi-Fi or spare cellular data, free religious films during Ramadan are very welcomeespecially a story that accurately tells you about Jesus’ value thats infinite and eternal.

And its a big task. In the last week Janna identified over 100 families that dont have enough to eat, and just down the road from us. We want to get as many as we can their own digital copy of ‘JESUS.'”

You can help shine Gods light to the world.

These are just a few of the many reports we receive from staff, volunteers, churches and partners the world over who are using these digital tools and strategies.

Would you again express your generous heart and be moved to help equip thousands of waiting workers, volunteers, pastors, and ministry partners with these versatile tools: video tablet sets, DVDs, microSD cards, USB sticks, NewLifeBoxes (to share “JESUS” discreetly)and funds to stream “JESUS”and other films over the internet?

Would you shine the light of His love into the darkness for people who have never once heard the gospel?

Should you feel His leading, perhaps you can help as a family or through your small group or online Bible study. As we continue the COVID-19 isolation, you might want to read these wonderful reports to your group in a Zoom or conference call and invite them to join with you in helping, however He may lead and enable you.

Every gift makes a differenceimpacting people with the gospelpeople like Kaku and many others. Thank you for your prayerful consideration and for your faithful partnership.

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