Enemies Became One When They Understood JESUS

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It happened at a new language premiere of JESUS in the Eda language, spoken by the Kadara people of West Africa.

Generations ago, they fractured into three classes, each having developed their own dialect of Eda.

To create the Eda language version, a translation team used voice actors from each dialect group, knowing all would understand. And as expected, there was tension among them as they recorded phrase-by-phrase. It was difficult.

Then came the premiere. More than 1,000 Eda speakers gathered from the three dialects, segregating themselvesfestering with suspicion and jealousy, like enemies. The film team started JESUS.

Then Jesus spoke Eda …

their common, primary language. They listened to the voice actors from the different dialects and accents. They became caught up in the story and the love of Jesus. At each miracle the people cheered and applauded. They wept at the crucifixion and exulted over the resurrection. His divinely powerful Word overcame their differences. As an eyewitness who attended said, A symphony of praise filled the air.

Of the 1,080 people who attended, 413 indicated decisions for Christ (38 percent)! They were made one, transformed by the Spirit of the Living God, because they understood His Word. To Him goes all the glory.

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Eda is a recent translation. But there are older language translations of JESUS, that were produced for large population groups years ago, using yesterdays technologies. The audio tracks need a facelift to bring them up to the expectations of todays tech-savvy audiences, especially for people in digital spaces. New music also has been created and needs to be added in, as well as greatly improved sound effects. Other enhancements are needed.

Those who have used upgraded versions, report a marked improvement in communication and power, especially in scenes like the crucifixion.

As you are reading this email, skilled JESUS film technicians and editors are at home because of the pandemic (watch the video above) upgrading those 58 translations, making them available to 1 billion people. Its called the Remix Project.

Theyve taken their sophisticated editing rigs to their homes! Its still very labor-intensive work. And they are racing to complete all 58 in the next several months, to meet growing digital demand and for TV broadcasting especially during the pandemic when so many unreached people are watching media online. But there are many expenses that must be covered.

The cost per language translation upgrade is $5,000. Your gifts today can help complete the final 12 languages this year, reaching even more people in their heart language. Would you feel led to have a part in getting them completed, to help JESUS and the gospel?

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