How good and wonderful our God is!

Through satellite TV broadcasts of JESUS we are seeing people come to faith all over the world

A boy from the Middle East watched the JESUS film on satellite TV afterwards, he contacted our follow-up team through the WhatsApp(chat platform). He asked if he could become a follower of Christ even though his parents followthe dominant religion of the region.

When asked what he knew about Jesus, the boy said he had just watched the story of Jesus on TV.

He then said “Jesus” in the movie is the same person who has been appearing to him in his dreams since he was five years old!The boy said he wanted to follow Christ and make him Lord!Through chat(for security)he prayed silently with the online counselor. The counselor continues to encourage the boy through the Word of God. Hes been taught how to pray, and have a relationship with his heavenly Father and loving Lord!

Ministry partners have received hundreds of testimonials!

Here are a few examples from Indonesia and other nearby countries:

I always thought that God didnt love me but since I watched JESUS film, my faith strengthened, and those thoughts abandoned me. I now can accept trials like Jesus did, because I believe whatever happens in my life is according to God’s will. Thank you for all the films that you air! I pray that this ministry can bless a lot more unreached people and shine God’s love.

Since the Story of Jesus for Children keeps airing on television, now my son is truly amazed with Jesus Christ. This movie has become very favorable for my child, who is now 3.5 years old. All the testimonies that you air also motivate and strengthen me. Thank you for your ministry.

I want to let you know I really watched with my family the film from start to the end and we made a commitment. I am very interested, and I want to get along with the teaching of Jesus. I will be happy if we can meet and see how we can use this film to help so many other people to get to know Jesus’ story.

Then, there is a woman in Cameroon, who after her first showing of the JESUS film, called the number from the screen and asked to volunteer to spread the gospel to her hometown and beyond. She was so excited to see the Christian film shown on secular television, she said, This is a very powerful tool to win people to Christ!

She also mentioned that she is hosting a womens prayer group and has decided to change the time and day of their meeting to the show time, so that those women will see the film.

Later she connected with the Womens Ministry leader on how she can win, build, and send women in her community. So, whatever she is learning from the ministry staff she is passing it on to her group and those women will do the same to their networks!

There has been an unprecedented response through TV broadcasting thanks to you and many partners who make this all possible!

Please Pray for Christmas and Year End TV Broadcast Opportunities Across the Globe:

Prayer is the first step in the spiritual harvest that God can bring about at this most critical time in world history. Theres no other time like this! People are afraid, at home and glued to their television sets. From the jungles of Indonesia to the cities of Eastern Europe; men, women and children are likely more receptive to the gospel than perhaps at any other time in their lives.

Please pray:

? For the Spirit of God to speak to hearts that He has prepared through the film portrayal of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection as people hear it.

? For people to reach out to pray with someone or receive follow-up via the various options offered including email, text, WhatsApp, etc.

? For the mobilizing of partner ministries on the ground to both help promote the broadcasts and provide follow-up for those that respond.

? For safety for those who respond and for those conducting the follow-up, especially in closed and restricted nations.

? For the outpouring of Gods spirit in these nations as never before.

? For a special opportunity to broadcast JESUS in one restricted Middle Eastern nation on up to 19 stations; ask God for open doors, and for all the funds needed to proclaim the “good news” in several key cities and in a number of rural and unreached areas.

Your prayers and gifts make a difference; please pray many people will respond to the good news.

As you feel led to help reach more people with “JESUS,” you can, when you give securely onlinetoday via credit card or by calling toll free800-387-4040, * 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) on any weekday.

Thank you again for your prayers and partnership with the ministry of Jesus Film.

* Hours are limited because of the Coronavirus; you can leave a message, and someone will call you back. Please do not leave personal credit card information in your message. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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