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Her parents were astonished. Tami was visibly changed, deeply moved.

The team sat down to talk with her and her family. It was then that they heard Tamis horrific history. When she was 15 years old, while walking with a friend near Baghdad, a car pulled alongside Tami and her friend. ISIS radicals grabbed and kidnapped the two girls and sold them into slavery.

For the next four years Tami suffered greatly, going from captor to captor, sold and resold. The radicals eventually killed her friend. When Tamis life of trauma was nearly spent and she was close to death, the radicals sold her back to her family for a very high ransom.

As soon as they were able, the family fled to Turkey, to Greece, and then traveled on foot to Germany. Tami said that as she watched the film, Jesus met her personally, called her and set her completely free. The moment Jesus said she was His disciple, all the chains of trauma that had gripped Tami fell away! Thats when she shouted out.

Tami even freely told her story to a man on the team, something she could not do before. In reaction to her story our team could only cry. What Jesus has done for Tami no one else in this world could ever do.

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