Send Hope to Women in Asia

This Mothers Day, honor a mother in your life. Send the love of Jesus to women and their families.

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Delivered by Prayer and Love

Thank you for caring, for helping to lead people to Christ through JESUS. With Mothers Day soon to arrive, Id like to invite you help win mothers, women, and girls to Christ.

Youll be touching the lives of thousands in North India. But first, a moving story

Prisha paced back and forth across her small living room in India, consumed with worry about her missing daughter. Once again Kyra had run away and Prisha had no idea where she was, out there, alone and afraid.

Kyra suffered from mental illnessperhaps even demonic oppression. Her mother and father had tried everything. Nothing brought her relief. This mother was at her wits end.

Thats when Maryam, a neighbor, arrived. She had just learned in a training session how to show Magdalena (a version of JESUS for women), demonstrate love, teach a Bible study, and lead women to Christ.

During the training, Maryam learned to use microSD cards, video tablets and other tools to present Magdalena. She also learned how to answer questions, present the gospel, teach a Bible study, and most importantly, how to lead women to faith in our Lord.

Prisha, was amazed as she watched Jesus heal women in the film. The Holy Spirit witnessed to her heart that all she was seeing and hearing was true. She turned to Maryam and asked,

Can Jesus heal my daughter too?

With confidence in her Lord, Maryam replied, Yes! So, Kyras brother went searching for her and brought her home. Maryam spent the next two days in fervent prayer, asking for the girls deliverance.

By the end of the second day, as staff described it: Her years of pain and struggle were washed away. She was at peace.

Kyra, her parents and her brother all accepted Christ! Kyra began sharing her testimony with others. People in their village knew just how sick and oppressed Kyra had been. They were amazed. Her transformation was that miraculous.

As a result, 15 other people became followers of Jesus. Today, Kyra herself uses Magdalena discipleship materials to lead a Bible study in her own home. Our God is so good!

This is the power of the gospel and prayer.

Today, as you read this email, could the Holy Spirit be inviting you to share His love, to help bring healing, hope and life to thousands more women, in celebration of Mothers Day?

Staff have already trained 5,000 women to show Magdalena in one region in Asia. Women like Kyra and Prisha don’t know their value to God, nor His great love. But they will when they are given the chance to watch this powerful version of JESUS.”

The training equips women lay leaders with microSD cards containing Magdalena (now available in 24 languages of the region). They also learn to teach an eight-part Bible study, Reflections of Hope. As they go forth with hope, women will be set free. As they attend the study groups, new believers will learn how they can share Magdalena themselves, to start their own study groups. This is a strategy of multiplication and its working!

The goal: train and equip 15,000 more women like Maryam, who will show Magdalena and go on to train 120,000 others. Prayerfully, 105 new churches will be planted where now there are none.

As many women and their families struggle during this COVID-19 pandemic, you can encourage them with the hope of Jesus. Yourgifts make it possiblefor women and their loved ones to hear the gospel.

You can help equip them by sending a gift in celebration of Mothers Day, May 9. Just click this button to learn more about what your gift will do, and how you can honor your own mother through a gift of hope.

The Perfect Mothers Day Gift

Help send hope while you honor your mother, or any mother on this special day, May 9, 2021. Consider a Tribute Gift that will help lead mothers and their families to Christ. Well send a thoughtful Mothers Day card, letting her know you have given this life-changing gift in her honor. The amount of your gift will not be disclosed.

To ensure postal delivery of your Tribute Gift card by Mothers Day, your gift must be received by May 4, 2021. Postal mail will be sent to U.S. addresses only.All other gift notifications received after May 4, will be sent via email containing a printable card.(Important: In the Add comments box, please include the full name of the person to be honored, along with their full mailing address.)

Watch A New Short Animated Film for Women: Chosen Witness

Jesus Film Project just premiered a new, animated short film, a promising way to open doors to reach women for Christ who live oppressed liveswho are trapped by shame, by culture, who feel they are without value or hope. This is one of the short films staff and partners will be using to share the gospel with women in Asia in their heart language. Its available in five key dialects of the region where they’re working.

I hope youll enjoy watching this new animation film, produced by some of the top Christian animators and storytellers in the industry! You can watch the new film below:


Thank you for caring and making a difference in the lives of women and their familiesnow and for eternity! Please call toll free (800) 387-4040 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, on any weekday or click here to print a response card and send a gift by mail.

*Hours are limited because of the Coronavirus; you can leave a message, and someone will call you back. Please do not leave personal credit card information on your message; thank you for your understanding and patience in this regard.

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