A Life Totally Restored by Grace

How God Rescued Shada

Soldiers had raped her daughter and killed Shada’s brother. She was filled with hatred for every person from that people group.

Driven out by the fighting, Shada (not pictured here) was now living in a refugee camp in northern Uganda. A film team entered the camp, bringing with them “JESUS” in her heart language. As she watched, the Word of the Living God spoke to Shada’s heart. She became enthralled by His miracles, captured by His teachings and His love. But then He was brutally crucified, and by Roman soldiers.

As the Son of God hung on the cross, dying, Shada heard Jesus words in her heart language, Father, forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing. To her this was stunning.

She burst into tears and gave her life to Christ. Shada entered into the film teams follow-up program and confessed her deep hatred, and that because of Jesus, she had forgiven the soldiers and their people for all the evil they had done to her.

Today, Shada is a totally new person, full of joy, because she understood the gospel and believed. The JESUS film workers who witnessed her transformation reported how they presented JESUS to a total of 52,723 people. Of these, 15,460 indicated decisions for Christ (29%) and planted 95 new churches! Some of these churches are already reproducing, evangelizing, and planting daughter churches.

One person is coming to Christ every second through Jesus Film Project® media, that’s 60 decisions every minute!

This is the power of His Word when heard in a persons heart language through “JESUS”. The effect is profound, especially for people who have never before heard the good news.

There are many more exciting stories and reports to share and plans to help millions more experience “JESUS” in their heart language. So, please take a moment to be blessed by the online 2021-2022 Ministry Advance Report. Read how God has been working through “JESUS” and in so many ways through you. Then see some of what our great God could do in the coming year—made possible by your kind partnership, by prayer, by His Spirit.

This ChristmasGive the Bread of Life to the World

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