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A Wonderful Report for You!

This report comes to us from one of our partners, Elijah21. They reach out with aid and meals to Middle Eastern refugees who have come to Germany and then show them the film “JESUS”. The majority of these suffering people accept the invitation to come to a local church for a meal—though some are suspicious and skeptical.

Elijah21 told of one memorable refugee who came. He suffered from severe spinal damage. The man could sit for a short time to eat a meal, but he couldn’t make it through a 90-minute film because of the intense pain. His entire body shook incessantly from the pain. But he did! He told the film team, through tears, what had happened:

“I’ve been a refugee for nine years and now, nine years later, I have even been invited into the church, and today I give my life to Jesus.” Then, he told them the miracle.

“He was able to watch the ‘JESUS’ film without interruptions. The shaking completely vanished for the entire duration. All the guests stayed until shortly before midnight simply because no one wanted to go back home. Here they found what they have searched for their entire lives, their Savior, Jesus Christ. Another, a refugee man from Syria said, ‘This is the best day of my life. Today my life begins anew!’”

Elijah21 also wrote: “It is a joy to report to you such wonderful things. We saw God work in an amazing way. There were 30 people present in the Arabic-language showing of ‘JESUS.’ All 30 prayed the prayer of salvation at the end, accepting Jesus as their Savior. Absolutely all 30 wanted to know more about Him and come to church. They all left their phone numbers so we could follow up with them. And every one of them was originally from the {same dominant religion} of their nations.”

And the best part is that this ministry partner has been training the new believers, former refugees from the Middle East and Central Asia, to also use “JESUS”. Several of them have banded together to form their own “JESUS” film teams. They have been trained and equipped and are already at work declaring the liberating truth to other refugees. Praise to His name!

You Can Reach the Unreached Through Jesus Film Content

Reports are flooding in from partners who field their own film teams around the world, using “JESUS” and Jesus Film® media. The ministries of these teams are made possible as people like you send and support them. And the teams don’t just show “JESUS” (that is a first step), but they also disciple new believers who respond, plant faith communities and churches, and train disciples among them to share their faith, even forming their own film teams.

I am emailing you because a whole world waits to see and hear the gospel—an estimated 1 billion people don’t even know who Jesus is. They have never heard His name. Sending church-planting teams into the harvest fields is one of the best ways to reach them and show “JESUS” (based on Gods Word in their mother tongue), to answer their questions, lead them in prayer and then follow up and disciple them.

Join with a Challenge Grant and Become a Monthly Partner

Every month of 2022 you can send film teams into unreached areas, to people who have never heard. You can help sponsor a “JESUS” film team by providing for one day of ministry through a gift of $38. Your regular partnership will shine His light into their spiritual darkness, establish new believers and plant churches in places where there are none. You can help remove their chains every month.

Should you have the ability, perhaps you can consider sponsoring two days of a teams ministry through a monthly gift of $76, an entire week for a gift of $290, or a month for $1,160? You can also sponsor half a day of ministry through a smaller monthly gift of just $19. And if you cant commit to giving monthly, you can still let people experience “JESUS” through a single gift of any amount.

Supporting these teams is so important that a Challenge Grant of $100,000 has been issued, funding 80 months of team ministry. The donors behind this grant invite you to follow their lead so together, you can make many more months of ministry possible.

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