Watch This Wonderful Video—How Amir Came to Faith


Feeling trapped, Amir felt lost and thought his god would send him to hell.

“A group of students from the Cru® ministry came to Central Asia to work on a summer project. I joined them just so I could practice my English. But I faked it, pretending I believed like them. They kept telling me about Jesus, and I became very confused, feeling I was the one in a trap. I found myself alone in my room, like a chain was around me. I feared making a mistake, that my god would send me to hell.

“I felt so lost and started announcing to my god, ‘I am now accepting Jesus. If you don’t stop me, it’s going to happen. I’m going to pray now to Jesus. I did and suddenly I was in tears, weeping, on my knees. I couldn’t stop it. I felt the chain fall away… freedom! God took away all my fears.

“Like the woman at the well who ran to tell her friends that she had found the Messiah, I began to tell my friends that I had found Him, too. I attended a Cru conference and learned to share my faith. I was given a video tablet and began showing the film ‘JESUS’ and short films. I use these all the time. My cousin was one of the first to watch and believe. And I am learning to use a new great tool called The Wonder Series.”

The Wonder Series

Ads are placed on Facebook and other social media platforms asking some serious questions such as, “Do you ever wonder why Jesus had to die?”, “Can the Bible be trusted?” and more. Hearts awaken to gnawing struggles and doubts, just like *Amirs. Short videos, animations, and music combine to make an attractive, winsome package that helps lead seekers to the truth of the gospel.

In a recent test of The Wonder Series1in Turkey, one of the videos was viewed 1.4 million times, just from one question. The manager of the series recently said: “To me its mind-blowing how many people are secretly searching for answers in their homes and on their phones. We can reach them even in closed nations where traditional missionaries have been told to leave. With digital, there are few to no barriers, and people can search, interact and find the truth safely and privately.”

If you would like to watch some of the videos and animations, you can right here.

The Wonder Series is so effective, that more than 10 different versions in various languages, for different cultures, are planned. God has gone before us. He is appearing to people in dreams, awakening hearts to address deeply felt needs. When they see these ads, they are curious and respond. This is the result of prayer and the gifts of people like you—as we continue to provide this developing, digital resource to the church around the world.


1. Please pray for the millions of unreached people who live in the “10/40 window”, that many will find His truth through online film resources like The Wonder Series.

2. Please pray for the development of new short films and innovative ways to connect with those seeking Jesus.

Thank you and may God bless you.

*His name has been changed for his protection.

1Officially called the “Do You Ever Wonder…?” series, you can watch and learn more by clicking here

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