Refugee Mothers Desperately Need Hope

-Alinatyulyu, photojournalist (photos used with her permission).

This Mother’s Day, honor a mother in your life. You can send love, hope and the gospel to Ukrainian women and their families.

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 “I don’t think I’ll forget this moment … “

“ … the cries of a family reuniting at the border. It was emotional for all.”

Just days ago, a courageous Ukrainian journalist shared a photo of a reunited refugee family she met with a Jesus Film® staff member in Poland.

She shared firsthand accounts of the heartbreaking scenes happening all along the borders. (These stories may be difficult to read–the extent of the human tragedy is hard to fathom.)

“An aid worker told me that she saw two young boys sitting in the snow at the border, brothers, wrapped in a blanket. ‘Where is your mother?’ she asked. ‘She is in the medical tent over there.’ She took the boys to find her, but the staff had no record of their mother, had not seen her, nor had she checked in.

“The aid worker disclosed the likely cause: A human trafficker dressed as a doctor deceived and kidnapped her.

She then told of another incident …

“A large, modern bus pulled up to the same border crossing. A person stepped out with a loud bullhorn: ‘This bus is going to Berlin. We are leaving in two minutes. You must get on now if you want to go to Germany. We are leaving immediately.’ The aid worker estimated that about 100 desperate and weary women and children crowded aboard. The bus headed out.

“A refugee woman on board opened her phone’s map app to follow their progress. But something wasn’t right. She texted a friend: ‘We are going the wrong way, away from Germany! They are taking us somewhere else. I need your help.’” God used her friend to send help.

The bus was filled with weary refugee women and children … but headed the wrong way. That woman passenger texted a friend who called the authorities. The police intercepted the bus. They were traffickers, likely headed for a sleazy warehouse where they would sell the refugees into slavery and abuse.

How then can we—so far away from Ukraine—stop this? How can we send help and protection to these mothers and children? Jesus Film® staff are working right now to respond.

After meeting with the photojournalist in Poland, a Jesus Film staff member met with representatives from several aid agencies and ministries. He told them about an extraordinary device, a NewLifeBox™. It is battery powered, small enough to fit in a pocket, works like a Wi-Fi hotspot, and allows up to 15 people to log on at one time. The device will send a notification to people’s phones to play or download the film “JESUS”onto their devices. But it can also share specialized content to assist and protect refugees from traffickers. This is where the aid and ministry leaders got really excited.

“These are great! Almost everyone has a cell phone. Can we add PDF documents that warn refugees about traffickers, that will show them how to stay safe and protect their children? Can we add content that will point refugees to sources of aid and help … locations, phone numbers and websites? And can we place the devices on buses?” The answer to all these questions was “Yes, all this can be done.”

What’s also wonderful is that those NewLifeBoxes will let refugees watch “JESUS” on long bus rides, in train stations and aid camps where they gather. Most Ukrainians have a Christian background, but they may not fully understand the gospel. Ministries are asking for NewLifeBoxes and other showing tools so they can show them “JESUS.” One group, Hope for Orphans, is requesting 25 portable backpack sets for larger showings to refugee children. These little ones are out of school and will gather in tents and buildings at the various refugee camps and centers where they can watch the children’s version of the film “JESUS.”

We have urgent requests for hundreds of NewLifeBoxes ($205), video tablets with Bluetooth speaker and solar charging panel ($530), larger-showing backpack sets ($2,980), and funds to support the worker expenses (about $15,000). With much of Ukraine in upheaval, up to 4 million refugees will be in great need and vulnerable for months to come.

During this extraordinarily difficult time, together we can provide hope. In honor of Mother’s Day, May 8th, you can show love for refugees by helping aid workers on the borders provide vital information through NewLifeBoxes. The NewLifeBoxes will educate refugees with aid information and encourage them with gospel-centered content like the “The Story of Jesus For Children” and “Magdelena.” You can especially equip Ukrainian Christian leaders who want to place these NewLifeBoxes on buses.

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A Most Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift

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