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International Children’s Day

The Story of Jesus for Children, a 61-minute film in 180 languages, introduces children to the life of Jesus of Nazareth and gives them a chance to see and hear the story of Jesus in their own, heart language. The movie answers questions in accessible terms, provides fast action and ends with an invitation by a child to begin a relationship with Christ.

Studies show that childhood is one of the best times to share the gospel story. A child’s worldview develops at an early age and exposure to the gospel helps them. Faith in Christ can help a child grow, understand the world, avoid sin, and become more resistant to negative influences. It can help them to love and serve others.

Millions of children have indicated a decision to receive Christ after watching this children’s version of JESUS!

You can celebrate International Children’s Day by sharing The Story of Jesus for Children with children you know! Watching the children’s version of JESUS is a great jumping off point to talking with your kids about Jesus.

How you can share:     

  • Share installments with the Sunday School class you lead.
  • Share in school classrooms, where allowed.
  • Email it to friends, groups, clubs, and family members.
  • Post it via social media like Facebook, Instagram, and other sites.
  • Show it to a group at Vacation Bible School (day or night, indoors or outdoors).
  • Show it at summer camp
  • Have a fun summer movie night with your children, grandchildren, and neighborhood children.

Please enjoy the full-length film, view the languages, or share it by clicking below:

You can also purchase copies of The Story of Jesus for Children on DVD. Go to:

How You Can Pray:

  1. Praise God for 1 billion total TV and radio broadcast viewings of JESUS since 2016, with many receiving Jesus as Lord!
  2. Pray that new believers and seekers will be discipled and find local fellowship groups.
  3. Praise God The Story of Jesus for Children will be broadcast in these locations on June 1: Palau, Colombia, India, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, North Africa.
  4. Pray that more countries will commit to broadcasting the film on International Children’s Day.
  5. Pray that God will draw thousands more to faith in Him through the film and follow-up.

You play a vital role in all that God is doing.

Thank you for your support of Jesus Film Project® including children’s outreach and ministries. May He bless and multiply you and your families as together we serve unreached children everywhere—making it possible for them to hear, understand and believe the gospel.

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