“Just a Click Away …”

The Click That Led to Transformation—How Merahmhet Came to Faith

As Merahmhet continued his search, he became more intrigued. He proceeded to click through a few more ads, until he landed on a clip that said Jesus’ greatest miracle could change his life today.

Merahmhet’s curiosity about Jesus brought him to salvation through just a few clicks! “So many people like Merahmhet hunger for new life but don’t have access to Christians who can share the gospel with them. God is using online avenues to give them meaningful encounters with Jesus. For them, like Merahmhet, Jesus is just a click away …”

I hope you enjoyed watching this video report showing how God is working and using your gifts and prayers to help transform the lives of men, women and children around the globe.

Join us in praying!

  1. Praise God for digital opportunities that help reach people like Merahmhet.
  2. Pray that more seekers would discover Jesus Film® media.
  3. Praise God for the various Jesus Film content that is touching the lives of people, globally.
  4. Pray for the financial and creative resources to continue producing more Jesus Film video content.
  5. Pray for continued access through various media channels for people to encounter Jesus.
  6. Pray for ministry partners to share the gospel and minister to new believers.

Thank You

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