A Demon Yielded to the Power of God

Read below what God did next and what He is still doing. 

Equip teams with Tablet Sets to safely share the gospel.

A Jesus Film Project® leader in a nation in Southeast Asia said, “There is growth of the kingdom here we have never seen. … These workers just need the video tablets, and showing sets … to make the gospel real, disciple them and help them grow in their faith.”

At last, the evil spirit was driven out. Released from spiritual bondage, the woman received Christ and began proclaiming what God had done for her. Many witnessed her transformation and heard her testimony.

Where there had been no believers, eight churches were born with 300 new Christians total! Just as the demon feared, God came to the valley!

And there is more…

A pastor in this same resistant nation was supplied with equipment to show “JESUS” and follow up with new believers. Through his labors, the Lord added 400 new believers in three villages in 18 months! Church growth was so rapid that the authorities threw the pastor into prison for a year, for “disrupting unity.” While he was imprisoned, with the help of two other pastors who also discipled believers using “JESUS,” the churches grew and reproduced, becoming 12 churches.

In the last five years, a ministry partner here has planted 924 churches. Some of the churches have reproduced themselves up to a fourth generation! Now they want to plant churches in every ethnic group and province of this nation, to help fulfill The Great Commission in their nation. But they need more tools to show “JESUS.”

God did not come to just one valley as the demon feared, but He is coming to the whole nation—nearly 100 ethnic groups! One older woman they recently reached with the gospel said it all: “I have never heard this before. Why didn’t someone tell me sooner about Jesus?”

Christians here have a burning vision to plant one or more churches in every province and ethnic group. They want to provide training to make disciples. This is why they are asking for video tablets and portable showing sets to disciple the many new believers.

The Jesus Film Project® leader for this nation said, “There is growth of the kingdom here we have never seen. These workers just need the tools, the video tablets, showing sets, and smaller tools like microSD cards for use in the cities. They need these tools to make the gospel real and then disciple them and help them grow in their faith.”

You Can Shine Light Into Their Darkness

Many hundreds of video tablets are needed so trained workers can go from home to home, even in those resistant areas. You can provide a video tablet set for $530. These are ideal for home and private showings.

As the Christmas season approaches, you can give waiting workers an effective tool, a video tablet pre-loaded with “JESUS” and other Jesus Film Project® content for follow up. With these tablets they can share the gospel visually and disciple many more new believers, even in hostile and restricted areas. You can equip a worker with a video tablet set for a gift of $530. Each set includes a video tablet, a solar panel for charging and a Bluetooth speaker for small groups [up to 25]. You can help by giving a portion, perhaps $50, $75 or $100. Or you can cover half the cost of a set for a gift of $265. Many tablets are needed here and for other nations in Southeast Asia.

May I also point you to the new Jesus Film Project Christmas Gift Catalog. It describes many other gifts and opportunities by which you can help fulfill The Great Commission. You’ll find large-audience showing sets, microSD cards, DVDs and more—gift options for any budget.

Also, you can designate your gift to honor a loved one for Christmas, through an Honors Gift (please click here). You can name a person special to you, like a mother or father, and celebrate their life as you help lead people to Christ, through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Help send hope as you honor your loved one for this special day, Sunday, December 25, 2022. Consider an Honors Gift that will help lead families to Christ—that will give unreached people hope and the gospel. We’ll send a Christmas card letting him or her know you have given this life-changing gift in their honor. The amount of your gift will not be disclosed.

To ensure postal delivery by Christmas, your gift must be received by December 16, 2022. Postal mail will be sent to U.S. addresses only.

All other gift notifications received after December 16th, will be sent via email containing a printable card. (Important: When you are making your gift online, click to open the “Send a Message” link, please include the full name of the person to be honored, along with their full mailing address.)

Thank you for providing these workers with video tablets to share the gospel, for making a difference in the lives of men, women and children. Thank you for helping to share the good news and the pursuit of the fulfillment of The Great Commission.

Please call toll free (800) 387-4040 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time on any weekday or please click here to print a response card and send a gift by mail. Thank you for your prayerful consideration and for your kind partnership. God bless you.

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