The Holy Spirit Brought a Sudden Presence of Peace

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A Miracle as They Watched “JESUS”

Four loud men on drugs were arguing among themselves. They were in a group of refugees who had come from the Middle East. They had just eaten a meal at a church and stayed to watch “JESUS.”

But their behavior threatened the showing. Finally, one of the ministry* hosts gently spoke to them. A fellow worker wrote what happened: 

“Out of nowhere, a heavenly peace entered and filled the room like a massive cloud. Finally, all of the refugees watched the film intently to the end, and Jesus powerfully touched the hearts of these four men with huge repercussions. 

“Many men, including those under drug influence, stood up at the end and came to the front for personal prayer, one after the other, deeply moved. They yearned for the touch of Jesus, the Prince of Peace and Savior. And Jesus touched and healed these men. Depression and pain left, hope and peace filled these refugees’ hearts. ‘Can you also pray for my friend?’ asked one of the men and brought his friend [to them]. 

“Jesus, the Prince of Peace, visibly touched the earth on this day. And those, who had previously disrupted the others in their drug-influenced state, humbly thanked the hosts and, with New Testaments in their hands, boarded the bus back to the refugee home.”

This is only one showing … one miracle. People are watching in many other places, in villages, churches, in remote locations around the world, as film teams take “JESUS” to them. Large numbers of unreached people are connecting with Jesus Film® media digitally through the internet. In 2022, on any given day, people are watching in 204 countries, viewing “JESUS” and other films in 947 languages. There were an amazing 1,066,396 views in 10 months! Moreover, about 400 million people watched “JESUS” in 2021 on television and listened to broadcasts on the radio. The power of His Word, when heard in a person’s heart language through “JESUS,” is touching lives. The effect is profound, especially for people who have never heard the good news before.

There are many more exciting stories and reports to share. Plans have been formed to help millions more experience “JESUS” in their heart language. So, please take a moment to review the online 2022-2023 Ministry Advance Report. Read how God has been working through “JESUS” and you. Then, see some of what our great God could do in the coming year—made possible by your kind partnership, prayer and His Spirit. 

How God Can Use You Again

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*Story shared by a ministry partner.