“Will I Have to Die On a Cross Too?”

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Our partners had just completed a film showing in an area historically resistant to the gospel. One team member couldn’t get the image of the shaking, sweating man out of his mind. He shared: 

“… when we went to the house of that shaking man. We sat down, and he kissed my face. He claimed he had not slept for two days. He said Jesus’ life teaching and sacrifice kept him awake all night. ‘I have an urge to keep this teaching and sacrifice within my heart. 

‘I am willing to live and die for Jesus. I want to die just as Jesus died. Will I, too, have to die on the cross?’  

“I told him, ‘Jesus gives life rather than taking it. Accept with your heart and proclaim with your tongue.’ He said he proclaimed with his heart that ‘Jesus is my LORD.’ In excitement, he said, ‘Can I bring my family as well?’ ‘Of course, we will pray with everyone.’ 

“I went into detail about coming to faith in Christ and baptism. Eagerly he said, ‘Let us go now, under that mountain, there is a valley. I want to go at this very moment.’ We immediately headed out and baptized him in the valley. Now he has led his wife, two adult kids and brother to accept Christ.”

It’s even more amazing when you consider that this man was brought up in a culture that rejects Christ and believes His followers live a lie. The truth set him free. The Holy Spirit is working through film teams who are taking “JESUS” into difficult areas. They are eager to show the film in a people’s heart language and see them transformed by the power of God. 

Yet more than 1 billion people haven’t heard the gospel. They don’t even know who Jesus is. But you can tell them by sending film teams into the harvest fields. The teams will show “JESUS” in a people’s heart language, disciple new believers and plant churches where there are none.


You can help send the gospel every month of the year. It’s why I invite you to consider monthly partnership by providing for one day of “JESUS” film team ministry through a gift of $38. Every month, you will be shining His light into the spiritual darkness. Every month, you will be helping new believers to grow in their faith and enabling churches to be planted. And if you can’t provide a monthly gift of $38, you may be able to sponsor one worker for a full day with a monthly gift of $19 (a team consists of typically 2 workers).  

Perhaps you can sponsor two days of a team’s ministry through a monthly gift of $76, an entire week for a gift of $290, or even a full month for a gift of $1,160. Every gift—large or small—will help make a difference. And if you can’t plan to give monthly, you can still help people experience “JESUS” through a single gift today of any amount.

Monthly giving is easy, safe and you can change your giving at any time. I’m grateful for your partnership as you help to build the kingdom around the world.

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