God Pierces Through Spiritual Darkness

Accepting God’s Love

Hannah was so moved after watching the short film, “Chosen Witness,” that she took the next step. Hannah texted a field team member to ask questions, which he answered. 

Once she was ready to take the next step, which was a phone conversation with a field team member, he explained more about the ultimate sacrifice that God made for us in sending His Son to die on the cross for our sins. And through her understanding and belief in God’s love for her, she accepted Christ. 

“I could feel the joy coming even as we prayed,” she said.

Four hours later, Hannah contacted the follow-up mentor despite fear that her family would find out she had become a Christian. In the following months, God continued working in her life. 

Hannah would secretly meet with her mentor, hiding it from her husband. She remained nervous about her family’s reaction. But her sister came to faith, then her husband. And her husband’s acceptance of Christ radically changed their relationship for the better. 

God is moving in people’s hearts, preparing them to hear and understand the gospel! A follow-up mentor who lives in the same city as Hannah said he is being “pummeled” with people who want to hear more about Jesus. Praise God!

Join Us in Praying! 

  1. Praise God for the Holy Spirit’s moving in Hannah’s heart and transforming her life and her family’s life.
  2. Pray that Hannah and her family will continue to grow in their faith. 
  3. Pray for protection for Christians in Africa as spiritual darkness and persecution permeate a number of regions.
  4. Pray that more churches will be planted to raise and equip leaders. 
  5. Thank God that the digital age allows more unreached people to find the truth of the gospel in their heart language online. 
  6. Pray that seekers will continue to hear the gospel as they view Jesus Film® media through apps, websites and blogs.

Thank You

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