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God’s Amazing Hand

The kidnapped house church members were dejected —they had stepped out in faith to deliver the gospel and now were delivering tools of war. Then God moved.

Eyewitnesses said that after the NewLifeBox™ was turned on, the phones of radicals began to display a message, inviting them to watch a film about Jesus, in their language.

They said that even as the fighters were cleaning the guns, they began to pick up their phones to watch “JESUS” —numerous times! Rebels began asking the house church members questions: “My sins can be forgiven? Jesus is God? Is this really true?” Then patiently, over the course of days, they answered their questions. The entire village community, even the rebels, decided to put their faith in Jesus!

Released from captivity, the house church members packed their animals to go home. Anxiously they were about to pass by the village where they had been kidnapped, worrying, “When they learn we buried their guns, will we all be killed?”


On arrival, the house church members were met by rebels, cheering and yelling: “You’ve come back! We used that Wi-Fi box and watched the film on our phones. It told us that God is the God of love, that He is the God of forgiveness, that He can lift all the shame off of us for all the violence and evil we have done. We want you to tell us more about the Son of God.”

They witnessed how God intervened to transform and use this simple tool of technology to lead rebels to Christ.

This Father’s Day, June 19th, you can equip many more Christian workers with NewLifeBoxes™, especially in dangerous nations. Many waiting workers are fathers themselves, wanting to reach other fathers and entire families with the good news. This is how you can equip and send them. Today, you can provide one NewLifeBox for a gift of $205, to overcome the darkness and help lead even hardened radicals to Christ.

*Though these events happened months ago, their telling remains as powerful evidence of the Hand of God, as He continues uses “JESUS” and your partnership.

Shine His Light Into Their Darkness

These Wi-Fi-like hotspot devices are so effective, especially for use in closed nations, that we have an urgent request to send hundreds of NewLifeBoxes™. From North Africa, to Central Asia; from the Arabian Peninsula to Ukraine and to the refugee relief centers of Eastern Europe; these handheld devices are bringing the gospel on film, messages of hope, to people in spiritual darkness. Your gift can and will make a difference!

Your gift of $205 will supply one NewLifeBox kit for a waiting worker and provide the training. Your gift of $102.50 will cover half the cost of one of these powerful devices. Or you can send two devices for a gift of $410, or four for $820. A gift of any size will help give unreached people Jesus. Please give this opportunity careful consideration in prayer. Then, as you are led and able, just click on the box below. Thank you so much!

Honor Your Dad on Father’s Day

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