What Happens When God’s Power Is on Display

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ASIA — Pastor Long’s prayers were answered as many were delivered from demonic oppression. Eyes saw. Ears heard. Hearts understood. As people came to faith, Pastor Long showed the “JESUS” film again, so they could meet their Savior and Lord and begin the process of discipleship.

Then came the resistance. The ministry worker who shared this said: “Everyone fears the spirits. If a village member follows Christ, word spreads immediately. There are no underground churches. The pressures are enormous when people follow Jesus. I know of one believer who died. An angry mob came and stole his body, so he could not be buried in the village cemetery, angering the spirits. This is why it’s so important to disciple the new believers. They are helpless against the pressures unless they know who their Lord is and have the Word of God in their hearts.”

Yet the church grew—400 new believers in three villages in just 18 months! Greatly alarmed, the authorities threw Pastor Long in prison for a year, for “disrupting unity.” While he was imprisoned, the churches multiplied, becoming 12 churches!

Finally, in frustration, the authorities asked Pastor Long, “What do you want?” He replied, “Nothing except freedom to worship God.” They not only released him but allowed him to build a church. It has become a great center for training and discipleship.

This ministry partner reports that they are now seeing “unprecedented growth.” They have held 279 seminars where they trained 6,685 leaders (most are former spirit-worshippers), equipping them with “JESUS” for evangelism and discipleship. In the last five years, they have planted 924 churches. Some of the churches have planted other churches, reproducing themselves to the fourth church generation.

When God’s Work Is Understood, His Might Is Revealed

This next report was shared with me by Jesus Film Project® director of Global Partnerships, Bill Wolfe:

“Last week, a partner team we assist in Asia was moving people to safety and providing them with food and blankets. When notorious government fighters began closing in, they found shelter in an unlikely place, the home of a local religious leader. He happened to be associated with those fighters. Here is his testimony … in his words:*

‘It was midnight, and six people came to my home asking for shelter from the fighters. They were tired, so according to our custom, I let them in for the night. After I fed them and gave them a place to sleep, I began wondering about these visitors. So, I started looking through their bags.

‘First, I found a Holy Book and began to read it, thinking it was our holy book. But the words were different. I was reading about Jesus! Next, I found a microSD card, put it in my phone and up came a movie about Jesus!

‘It was amazing. Very soon, I felt the glory of God come over me, and I could feel the power. Then I said to myself, “For 38 years, I have been memorizing my holy book and serving my faith, but I have never felt this power!”

‘After I finished watching the film, I couldn’t wait until morning to wake up my guests. Initially, they were afraid the fighters had found them. But I explained that while they were sleeping, I went through their bags and found their [holy] book and the movie.

‘I said, “Your Jesus, your God, came to my heart and soul!” These men knew Jesus very well and have helped me to become a holy man for Him.’”

What an incredible testimony from a former religious leader traditionally opposed to Christ and His followers. Only God could have done this!

God’s power is apparent in Asia as people hear Jesus speak in their heart language and are transformed. Sending tools to unreached nations is made possible through your generosity and the work of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for supporting Jesus Film Project®. Because of you, the Great Commission is getting closer to being fulfilled.

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