Not Even a Three-Day Arrest Could Stop His Bold Faith


Hamzah’s Second Chance

The Word of God, the basis of “JESUS,” did His work.† After the film, Hamzah stayed to talk with one of the team members, a worker named Andrew. Hamzah didn’t make a decision for Christ but seemed open. They exchanged cell phone numbers and began communicating through WhatsApp®, a secure messaging platform. But then Hamzah was deported, sent back to North Africa.

Fortunately, Andrew kept in contact with him. Since Hamzah had been the leader in his house of prayer, Andrew was surprised when Hamzah changed his profile picture on WhatsApp … to an image of the cross! This was unthinkable since the cross of Christ is deeply offensive to his traditions and religion.

Andrew quickly messaged Hamzah. He told Andrew that in the days after watching “JESUS,” which touched his heart, he learned more about the gospel and became a follower of the Lord. He described that even though it’s illegal to share the gospel in his country, Hamzah could not remain quiet.

He said he was sharing the good news everywhere he went, that he was on a new mission, but now for his Savior. He also reported that four young Christians, including Hamzah, were meeting together secretly to study Scripture, pray and watch Christian content online.

Authorities even arrested Hamzah for his bold faith but then released him three days later on the condition that he would remain silent about Jesus. He has refused!

And Hamzah has been taking an online Bible course, meeting regularly with an Arabic-speaking missionary online. Because of his testimony, five women and 10 men want to follow Jesus and be baptized, all from that same dominant religion. That’s the supremacy of His love. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek” (Romans 1:16, English Standard Version).

All I have shared is indeed a result of the power of God as He has worked through your partnership and the labors of those 1,800 ministry partners. I give all the praise to Him. It is to His glory that we labor for fulfillment of the Great Commission, even in this generation. But can it be done? I believe it can, and so do many ministry partners who use “JESUS.” For He has given His church a powerful tool, “JESUS,” the right partners, the right mission to reach the right people—those who have never heard.

You play a vital role in all that God is doing.

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† This story is from Elijah21, one of those 1,800+ ministries that use “JESUS.” They reach out to Middle Eastern and other refugees who have come to camps and settlement areas in Europe, holding meals at churches and then showing them “JESUS.”

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