“God’s Spirit Works as People Watch”


You are Helping to Change Lives

ASIA — A young woman from South Asia, Anju,* was seeking God and met a pastor who showed her JESUS. She believed but then suffered greatly for abandoning her culture’s many gods. Deepak, her older brother, was especially angry for he was faithful and devoted to the deities they worshiped. Every time she tried to read the Bible, pray, or learn more about Christ, Deepak would turn the TV volume up or play very loud music. To get away to read the Bible or pray, Anju would go to the roof.

Because of her witness, her younger two siblings received Christ. But Deepak’s opposition only increased. Finally, a film team was going to show JESUS at a local church. Anju asked Deepak to come, but he bluntly refused. She asked him one more time on the day of the showing.

Something spoke to his heart, a compelling urge which Deepak describes: “It was as if a voice inside me kept telling me to go. I could not say no.” Do you know what happened? He heard the Word in his heart language and was transformed, leading to a 180-degree turn in his life.

Deepak was discipled and today is a member of a JESUS film team! Deepak: “God’s Spirit works as people watch and that is the miracle of the JESUS film. If I had not seen it, I still would be languishing in my doubts and arguments. I met Jesus through the showing.” A film team leader wrote: “Through these teams, entire communities are being influenced by the life of Jesus. Many who once saw Christ as foreign now put their faith in Him … {the film} is transforming lives and giving people hope.” To Him alone goes the glory and praise.

Overcoming Spiritual Opposition

AFRICA — One of our more than 1,800 ministry partners is JESUS Film Harvest Partners, Church of the Nazarene. They are among the very first ministries to extensively field their own JESUS film teams, having planted tens of thousands of churches. They tell of a film team in Africa who also wanted to reach a resistant village, one dominated by a very aggressive religion from the north. In a team report they wrote:

“Before we travel to a community, we take time to pray, because we believe prayer is the key to successful evangelism.” Since the village was very resistant to the gospel, friends joined with the team in praying and fasting.

For their protection, they first seek a village leader’s permission and support for a showing. The leader of this village happened to also be the religious leader, the head of the house of prayer. I will refer to him as Markus. He immediately rebuffed the team, saying to the pastor with the team: “No … you can’t preach here. You can’t show the JESUS film. This community is of our religion.”

They left the village discouraged, I’m sure, still praying, asking God for a breakthrough. It wasn’t long before the pastor’s phone rang. It was Markus, “Will you please come and pray for me?”

The pastor went and they sat to talk in the house of prayer. Not only did the Holy Spirit provide a breakthrough but also a miracle. Markus accepted Jesus as his Savior! A few days later, the pastor’s phone rang again. “Will you come back to the village?”

When he arrived, he found that Markus had shared the gospel with some local youth. And they had closed their house of prayer! Transformed by the power of God, Markus said, “Pastor, let us plant a church here!” He and the new believers wanted to learn more.

So, where their house of prayer had been, a church was born. There they showed the JESUS film and “… many villagers accepted Christ. Markus has become an amazing evangelist as well as providing extra security for our team. He comes with us wherever we want to preach. Because he is a respected man in the community, we feel safer. He continues to share the gospel with others and always asks people, ‘Do you want to accept Jesus Christ?’ Many people say yes.”

Because of the witness of that religious leader, and using JESUS, they have planted six churches, as the film team report said, “… in an area that was once overcome by darkness.”

These stories are your stories, because as a Network Partner you are sustaining the work of Jesus Film Project® through your prayers and generosity. Thank you again for “standing in the gap” so a pastor in Asia can have the right tools to reach a woman like Anju, and ultimately her family. And so, partners like JESUS Film Harvest Partners can be resourced to reach difficult areas and men like Markus, which can lead to new churches being planted. The work of the kingdom is advancing.

You play a vital role in all that God is doing.

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