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You can help reach the unreached with the good news of “JESUS” in their heart language.

I Have Never Felt This Power

The first is from a ministry partner that uses “JESUS” to win hearts and plant churches (we serve more than 1,800 partners).

One of their film teams was delivering humanitarian aid in Asia. With government fighters closing in, they had to find safe shelter. They did, but it happened to be in the home of a local religious leader.


“It was midnight and six people came to my home asking for shelter. They were tired so, according to our custom, I let them in for the night. After I fed them and gave them a place to sleep, I began wondering about these visitors. So, I started looking through their bags.

“First, I found a Holy Book and began to read it, thinking it was our holy book. But the words were different. I was reading about Jesus!

“Next, I found a microSD card, put it in my phone …”

As they slept, their host, the religious leader, went through their things. First, he found their Holy Book and started reading. It turned out to be a Bible! In his words …

“Next, I found a microSD card, put it in my phone, and up came a movie about Jesus! It was amazing. Very soon I felt the glory of God come over me and I could feel the power. Then I said to myself, ‘For 38 years, I have been memorizing my holy book and serving {my religion}, but I have never felt this power!’

“After I finished watching the film, I couldn’t wait until morning to wake up my guests. Initially, they were afraid the fighters had found them. But I explained that while they were sleeping, I went through their bags and found the Holy Book and the movie.

“I said, ‘Your Jesus, your God, came to my heart and soul!’ These men knew Jesus very well and have helped me to become a holy man for Him.”

More Miracles

Another ministry partner, also working in a very tough place, showed “JESUS” to 150 people and 70 came to faith. This partner is sending out church planters and the film to areas and nations that follow that same dominant religion. They go on motorcycles from village to village, offering to show everyone a film about the Prophet Issa (their name for Jesus). Teams like these use portable backpack sets and digital tools such as video tablets and microSD cards.

One leader familiar with their work reported: As these resistant people watch, they are stunned by the crucifixion scene and will turn to their religious leaders asking, ‘What is going on here? We want to understand.’ But they have no answers, only the power of His Word that fills their hearts. In one town they just baptized 400 people and a church was established.”

I’m emailing you because it’s our honor to supply these partners with showing equipment, translations of “JESUS,” and training. Many partners in this part of the world have limited financial resources. They work in closed, difficult areas such as Central Asia or the Horn of Africa where resistance can be severe. Their teams need tools to show the film—tools that don’t attract attention, that remain out of sight of rogue officials and extremists. One of the tools they request most is a video tablet set that includes a solar panel charger and Bluetooth speaker.

These video tablets are ideal for small groups of up to eight people, but often there are 25 or more watching, transfixed by the story of the gospel, the Word of God heard in their heart language. Hundreds of workers are waiting for their own tablet set, ready to go into some of the most difficult places on earth.


May I invite you to equip a waiting team with a video tablet set by posting an online gift of $530? You’ll be supplying a video tablet  with a solar panel for charging, Bluetooth speaker, and training. You also can provide just a portion of a tablet or send two or more tablets. If you can help equip them with this powerful tool, waiting workers will go and shine His light into the lives of people living in spiritual darkness.

They will help unreached people hear the Word of God in their heart language, disciple new believers and plant churches—where there are none. Just click the button below to give now.

You play a vital role in all that God is doing.

As you feel led to help reach more people for Christ with the “JESUS” film, you can also call toll free 800-387-4040 on any weekday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Pacific Time).

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