Thank You for Making a Difference

I have prepared a brief video for you to share my gratitude and my heartfelt expressions for what you have done as God has worked through you to further His kingdom. Please take a moment to watch, to know how your partnership is truly making a difference—yielding an eternal spiritual harvest of people, of families and even of whole communities worldwide. Please click on the encouraging video now.

—Josh Newell, Executive Director

Thank you for being Gods provision …

And for allowing Him to work through you. Thank you for being a praying and giving partner who continues to “brave the gap” on behalf of those veiled in spiritual darkness. Advancing the gospel across the globe cannot happen apart from people like you.

Even with the global pandemic during 2021, here are just a few of the many things He brought about through you:

April —Completion of our 1,900th language of “JESUS” for an unreached people group living primarily in Pakistan.

July —Began to provide tablet sets for evangelism and vitally needed humanitarian aid to partners in India, a nation being ravaged by the pandemic.

November —Completion of our African Film Equipment Distribution Center in Kenya which will take us to a next level of effectiveness in reaching people on this continent of 1.14 billion people. (The center officially opens in February to start equipping partners with projector backpacks and tablet sets.)

December —Broadcasting, especially television, exposed a record number of viewers to Jesus Film content. By leveraging broadcasting in 2021, the ministry took the good news into the homes of nearly 400 million people. Since 2016, God has enabled Jesus Film Project® through broadcasting and our media partners to touch the lives of nearly 1 billion men, women, and children.

God is working powerfully throughout the world.

Thanks to your generosity, Jesus Film Project® is helping more people to hear and know the good news of Jesus Christ. It is because of your prayers and support that the gospel is reaching the nations. On their behalf, thank you so much!

Rooted in the gospel and reliant on the Holy Spirit with you, we press into 2022. Thank you for your continued partnership in taking the gospel to people in the language they most understand, the one they learned at their mothers knee.