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You Can Help Reach the Lost Sheep

There are hundreds of smaller, unreached people groups who have never heard of Jesus. The Lord Himself gave us the charge to take the gospel to ALL the world. 

You can help them see, hear, and through the work of the Spirit, understand the love of God in their heart language.

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There is a small people group in Africa, 80,000 people, with their own language. They follow a dominant religion from the north, and the vast majority have never heard the gospel. The film JESUS has not been available in their language. 

The translation coordinator struggled greatly to find people who could record their voices. Then he shared how God overcame their dilemma. A translation team went to find any Christian who could translate the script. They found only one person. That one man worked with linguists to translate the script of JESUS, taken from the Gospel of Luke. Next, they had to find voice actors who spoke this uncommon language to record the translation. But who and how? Again, there were no Christians to be found. 

“It was really, really tough,” said the translation coordinator. “We needed 19 voices. The only speakers available were followers of the local religion, opposed to Christ. But God went before us.

“We unexpectedly connected with a couple at the bus station. They were from that small people group. Intrigued that a film was to be produced in their language, they came to the studio and recorded with us, but we needed many more voices!

“That couple just happened to meet others from their language group. They too were intrigued and asked if they could participate. Word spread, from person to person, until the translation team had all the voices! And not one of them was Christian. 

“But as they recorded their voices, they loved the process. One man said, ‘We never understood our holy book the way we understand the film ‘Isa.’ Then came the opposition … 

“The authorities heard about the project, found and harassed the actors. They arrested, jailed, and beat 10 of them, some severely, demanding, ‘What kind of movie is this!? Have you left our religion?’ All the voice actors would say was that they had merely recorded their voices and that there was nothing wrong with the film. 

“After their release, elders of that people group wanted to know more. So, they were offered a showing of JESUS. After watching, the elders said, ‘There is nothing wrong with this film.’ They actually gave their endorsement for the actors to work on the next translation project, Magdalena, the version of JESUS for women and families. And all the same voice actors want to participate, even the 10 who were jailed and beaten! God is obviously at work!”

You Can Help Reach the Lost Sheep

There are hundreds of smaller, unreached people groups who have never heard of Jesus. Jesus gave us the charge to take the gospel to ALL the world; to seek out the lost sheep He told us about in the parable of the ninety-nine sheep. Through new translations, the day is coming when every lost sheep will have the opportunity to hear the gospel in his or her heart language. 

But many smaller language groups present major challenges. Most have not been studied, much less documented. They are oral societies that require a unique, bottom-up approach. The solution is to use language workshops where lay speakers, translators, and linguists meet in a workshop setting, working with related tongues to create the scripts. The process is difficult, time consuming, and requires specialized computer software. The result is scripts of JESUS, faithful to the languages and faithful to Scripture, the very Word of God.


The work is arduous. Each oral language script can be created for a cost of $16,250. Once completed, voice actors are recruited, even the voices of non-Christians. For very small languages, fewer voices are used, and in some cases, just a single narrator reads the entire script. After careful editing and release, the living Word of God can be heard and understood, touching lives by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Not many of us can fund an oral language script alone. But many of us can have a part and still help reach the lost sheep. Perhaps you can help with a gift of $65, $130, or $260. Others could also make a difference with a gift of $520 or $1,040. Should you have financial ability, you might wish to cover a quarter of the cost with a gift of $4,063 or half for $8,125. This is how you can help people in these smaller groups see, hear, and understand the love of God in their heart language. If you would like to help create a script, please click the button below. Thank you, and God bless you.

As you feel led to help reach more people for Christ with the JESUS film, you can click here to give online, or call toll free 800-387-4040 on any weekday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Pacific Time). 

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