Every Knee Shall Bow and Every Tongue Confess

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Alex Mbewe [1] works with the Wesleyan Church in Zambia. He is a dedicated JESUS film team leader. The Wesleyan Church is one of more than 1,800 ministry partners who use JESUS. Alex’s team came to an area known for demonic oppression. A powerful witch openly opposed them when they tried to show the JESUS film. But God gave Alex’s team the victory. Watch this short video now as Alex tells of his supernatural encounter.

JESUS staff teams work alongside teams from partnering ministries to train, teach, inspire and mobilize others. Together, sent and supported by friends like you, they show Jesus Film® content, plant churches and help push back the darkness, creating windows through which God’s light can shine.

[1] Alex is district superintendent at Eastern Mission District of the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church in Zambia.

A Worldwide Partnership, Laboring as One to Fulfill the Great Commission

“… the film stands decisively as one of the unique things that has ever been done in evangelism. The JESUS film builds such a compelling picture of Jesus that people in the audience are overwhelmed by what they see, hear, and experience.”

— Dr. James Engel, Christian Researcher

Welcome to this worldwide partnership! The film has been translated now into more than 1,998 different languages and dialects, earning recognition by “Guinness World Records” as the most translated film in history.

You play a vital role in all that God is doing!

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This report is from the annals of Jesus Film Project®—powerful evidence that God goes with the teams and the film itself.

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