What is Global Outreach Day (G.O.D)?

Global Outreach Day occurs the last Saturday in the month of May (the 27th) and is a call to action for followers of Jesus throughout the world to share the Gospel with at least one other person. This vision has jump-started a worldwide movement of prayer and outreach. In 2017, more than 140 nations will participate!

You can make an impact right where you are. You don’t need to travel the world to tell people about Jesus - He has already surrounded you with others who need to know.

What can I do to be involved?

You can begin with prayer. Ask God to put on your heart someone you know who needs to know Him and give you the opportunity to share with him or her.

Jesus Film Project makes sharing your faith easy through the "JESUS" film or any one of our short films designed to spark spiritual conversations. Check out our blog or download a copy of our bible study “We are all Missionaries” for helpful tools and tips for sharing your faith.

Where can I purchase DVDs to distribute or download the app to share one on one?

For a limited time, we are making the 24 language DVD of "JESUS" available for $1 each when you buy 50.  We want to make it easy for you to share with everyone in your neighborhood, or in the vicinity of your church!

Our award-winning app is available through the iTunes or Google Play stores. The app gives you access to the "JESUS" film, plus more than 100 other films that were specifically designed to help you share Jesus with anyone - no matter what language they speak or what issues that they are dealing with.

Any other ideas for how I can share my faith during Global Outreach Day?

Of course! You can share any of our films, in almost any language, from this website. For example, you might share the "JESUS" film with someone who you have been praying for by going to the 'Watch' page and then clicking the 'Share' icon. You can then share the film by email or social media.

Find More information and inspiring stories on the G.O.D. Website:

Global Outreach Day