August 2019 Prayer Requests


Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.
(Jeremiah 29:12, New International Bible).


Thank God for the advances in digital technology that are accelerating the work of global evangelism—both on and offline. Scores of nations are being reached in new and better ways than ever before. Africa will be the next continent to fully embrace the digital world, especially in the next three to five years.

Prayer Requests

1.       The work alongside partners to create scripts for the recording of both Mission 865 languages (50,000+ speakers) and for Single Voice Narrative versions (smaller language groups) of “JESUS.” A number of languages are ready to be recorded once the scripts are complete.

2.       Lift up planning for expansion of our Snap Dragon language scripting and dubbing partnership beyond South and Southeast Asia. Dozens, even scores of languages are needed in other parts of Asia and this process can significantly accelerate the work of bringing the gospel on film to many more people in their heart language. Not only can whole families be reached and changed, but even entire communities.

3.       The development of the next generation of digital film projector equipment for showing “JESUS” in both rural and urban settings. This new equipment, slated to be released early next summer, will greatly enhance the documentation of film-showing results and the locations of new church plants.

4.       Our Global Expansion Team—representing all six areas of the world—as it formalizes new plans and strategies to empower national ministries and partners for greater effectiveness. Pray for its leaders, Keith and Kim Bubalo.

Jesus Film Mission Trips® –  August 2019

London, England – London Bridges Trips (August 3-15, 2019)
Teams will be involved in an effective, low-key way to help affluent and influential vacationers from the Middle East hear about Christ's love. London is the main tourist destination for many visitors from the Middle East as they escape their blazing summer heat. Teams will distribute “JESUS” DVDs and New Testaments throughout the city. Pray for Arab hearts and souls to respond to the message of love and forgiveness that Christ (Isa) offers.

Short-term mission trips provide a chance for people to do hands-on ministry by coming alongside national staff and partners to accelerate the work in open and restricted-access nations. To learn about going on one of these Jesus Film Mission Trips™ yourself, click here:

In addition, please pray for the following:

1.       A strong response to the August postal appeal focusing on presenting church-planting film and partner teams and team transportation opportunities. Workers and motorbikes are vital to get the “gospel on film” to unreached people. A challenge grant of $100,000 is offered to help advance the work of “JESUS” film teams, especially in India; pray it will be quickly met. Pray that as friends read the letter, they will be touched by the stories and many will be prompted by the Holy Spirit to invest in these opportunities to take the gospel to unreached people.

2.       The mailing of a video report on the ministry of film and partner teams doing evangelism and church planting in India. Pray that documenting the work of the New India Evangelistic Association will inspire and demonstrate the impact the gospel is having in one of the “tough places” in the northeastern part of the country.  Also, pray it can be in the mail by August 22.

3.       Follow up with the 54 new monthly partners who responded to a July email campaign to help “JESUS” film teams in West Africa.

4.       Appeals to be sent through postal mail to add new financial partners to the ministry. Pray that ongoing testing will determine which presentation works most effectively to encourage involvement. Pray the matching-grant funds will prompt responses and the fulfillment is completed by October 15.

5.       The upcoming September Gift and Estate Planning online seminar Jesus Film Project® is broadcasting in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Pray for the inviting of guests through email and postal flyer. Ask God for at least 100 attendees to participate in these two webinar broadcasts on September 19 and 21.

6.       A good response to the September webinar. We will address opportunities available to help people assemble a complete plan to leverage today’s best alternatives so they can fully benefit from current tax laws and ensure one’s long-term objectives are met. Pray for the enlistment of friends from both ministries to attend.

7.       Our several hundred missionary staff people who are raising personal financial support for their ongoing ministry and family needs. Some staff members have seen God provide in exciting ways and others still have critical needs. Pray they all will see God’s provision. To help a staff member, please click on this link:

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Thank you for standing with us in prayer