December 2019 Prayer Requests


“And the angel said unto them, Fear not:  for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people” (Luke 2:10 King James Version).


The Christmas season provides a key window of opportunity for film evangelism across the globe.  Pray for the following upcoming December and Christmas outreaches: 

Praise God for the 1,800th version of the “JESUS” film, just completed for the 30,000 Balangao-speaking people of the northern Philippines! Most of this people group are trapped in ethnic religions. Pray that many will soon discover the Christ of Christmas. 

Prayer Requests

1.       Pray for Christmas opportunities to show “JESUS” on television. Please pray for holiday broadcasts in African countries like Chad, Ghana and Senegal. Also, lift up the Christmas broadcasts of the “JESUS” film in other nations like Estonia, Spain and Indonesia.

2.       Commercial stations, TransWorld Radio, and a number of other ministry partners in more than 155 countries will air holiday radio broadcasts of “JESUS” in 95 languages. At least 25 million people will be reached through these broadcasts. Based upon past similar radio outreaches, an estimated 1.65 million people will make a decision for Christ this month. Pray for effective follow-up of the new believers.

3.       The holiday season is also a peak time for digital and subscription broadcast streaming of “JESUS,” “Magdalena: Released from Shame,” and “The Story of Jesus for Children.” This includes online video distribution through iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Video/Xbox/Sony and Amazon Video. Pray for hearts to be open as they hear the gospel on film.

4.       DVD, SD card and thumb-drive product distribution will take place throughout December in places like France, Egypt, Canada, Japan and the United States. Pray for the duplication of these products and for the timely delivery to distribution centers. Pray, too, for the people and families who will receive the gospel on film—that their hearts will be open, and they will respond to the prompting by the Holy Spirit.

5.       Pray for missions’ leaders attending the Finishing the Task conference December 3 - 5. Ask God to give wisdom to these men and women in how to most effectively ensure that the gospel can be taken to every people group, in every nation.

Jesus Film Mission Trips® –  December 2019

As teams travel to various countries, please pray for wisdom in locating and connecting with like-minded ministries. The goal is to form partnerships with ministries already in-country who can help Jesus Film teams plant churches locally.

Guinea-Bissau, West Africa (December 1 - 14)
Pray for teams traveling to Guinea-Bissau this December. Their goal is to support the local staff as they forge partnerships with churches spreading the good news throughout their land and beyond. Teams will train pastors and volunteers to use the Jesus Film Project® app on smartphones and media devices. They will also go to nearby rural villages to show the “JESUS” film in the evening. By the time they leave, they hope to leave behind a core group of Christians who are trained and equipped to reach out to nonbelievers.

Japan (December 4 - 15)
Japan remains one of the least evangelized countries in the world, despite its openness to spiritual things. The Japanese are fascinated with Western holidays like Christmas. This Christmas season, teams will share short video clips on smart phones or tablets with university students to try to open up spiritual conversations with them.

Short-term mission trips provide a chance for people to do hands-on ministry by coming alongside national staff and partners to accelerate the work in open and restricted-access nations. To learn about going on one of these Jesus Film Mission Trips™ yourself, click here: 

In addition, please pray for the following:

1.       Pray for friends who are receiving our holiday gift catalog and letter inviting support for teams, film equipment and church planting worldwide. Pray that many of those who read the letter will be touched and prompted by God’s Spirit to give to help take the good news to more unreached people in 2020.

2.       Pray for the Jesus Film ProjectÒ Christmas season telephone calling project. Pray that 3,000 friends can be contacted. Pray that many will respond to this special year-end effort to help underwrite film teams and digital tools for evangelism and church planting across the globe.

3.       Pray for friends of the ministry who will receive the December film team appeal, the key donor year-end highlights report and year-end email giving opportunities. Gifts toward these efforts will be doubled by matching-gift or challenge-grant funds. Pray that all the gifts needed for the matches and grants will be realized to help advance the gospel in 2020.

4.       Pray for the efforts to acquire new financial partners for the ministry during the holiday season, through both postal mail and online giving. Ask God for 3,000 new friends to join in helping to reach people in our lost and needy world. Pray for new friends to join in supporting the church-planting work in India and Africa.

5.       Pray for those partners who have made faith commitments at ministry briefings and are seeking to fulfill commitments before year end.

6.       Pray for opportunities for friends of the ministry to leverage IRA, appreciated stock, real estate and other tax-smart, non-cash gifts to help spread the gospel. Also pray for friends with donor-advised funds to consider year-end giving opportunities to help accelerate the work of the Great Commission.

7.       The missionary staff of the ministry as they invite opportunities to support their individual roles with Jesus Film Project between now and the end of 2019. To support one or more of these staff members, please click on this link:

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Thank you for standing with us in prayer