February 2021 Prayer Requests


“Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid; For the Lord God is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation” (Isaiah 12:2, New American Standard Version).


Thank God for the wonderful ways He worked through Christmas television broadcasts across the globe.

1.       For December, the overall goal was to reach 100 million viewers. But God opened doors through secular stations and more than 128.2 million viewed JESUS in 110 countries.

2.       In one key country, Christmas broadcasts were planned on nearly 20 secular stations with 59 unique showings, but when the final report came in, there were actually 67 showings to 14.8 million viewers. (The goal was to reach 8 million.) Although the follow-up continues from hundreds of thousands of responses, it’s now projected that in this restricted country, more than 10,000 people committed their lives to Christ over Christmas week, which exceeds the total estimated number of Christ-followers in broadcasts prior to the holiday season.

3.       For the year 2020, the overall goal was to reach 300 million viewers through television. The actual TV broadcasts on 222 stations for the year reached 324.1 million viewers in 154 countries. This more than doubles the number of 2019 viewers from radio and TV combined. Glory to God!

Prayer Requests

1.       Finalizing the production of the short film, Chosen Witness, which will be released for International Women’s Day on March 8. This new evangelistic tool will be used online through social media such as YouTube and digital platforms such as the WhatsApp to introduce the gospel message to women worldwide. Pray for the selection of the most strategic methods for releasing it and for effective follow-up of those who respond.

2.       The development of a strategy to train more Christ-followers in restricted countries, especially students and young adults, to reach people online. Pray for the formation of plans, strategies and tools to effectively mobilize believers to reach unreached people virtually during COVID-19 and beyond.

3.       Efforts to work with partnering churches and individuals to reach people in more than 100 larger cities in Asia. This strategy includes the developing of localized short videos, which include a gospel presentation in heart languages of the area. Pray this effort can be launched by July 1.

4.       God to lead the partnership with Alpha Ministries* who are helping to translate three Magdalena film languages for specific people groups that they are working with: Neptune* and Zenith* (Central, Eastern and Western). Pray for time for them to work on the translations and for the health of the workers and their families.

5.       Pray for breakthroughs for the gospel to spread in the top 12 countries with the greatest need for churches and evangelism. Pray for wisdom, new ideas and new partnerships in these countries. This month’s featured country is Vietnam. To learn more go to: https://joshuaproject.net/countries/VM

*Names altered for security purposes.

In addition, please pray for the following:

1.       The enlistment of friends to attend the upcoming in-person Briefing in Orlando, Florida, February 18-21. Pray the Holy Spirit will move in powerful ways throughout the weekend. Pray these friends will be ministered to through the speakers. Pray God will prompt the hearts of many guests to greater involvement. 

2.       The enlistment of additional friends to join the online virtual Briefing the following weekend (February 25-27). The best of the sessions from the in-person Briefing will be streamed to hundreds of online attendees, including three one-hour sessions plus Zoom group chats between speakers and ministry leadership after each session. Pray for the process of converting the “live event” to a virtual format and that it would effectively provide attendees with visionary context to understand, pray and partner financially in what God is doing worldwide. 

3.       A good response to the February appeal letters seeking funds for SD cards, video tools, NewLifeBox kits, radio and television broadcasting, and streaming the gospel online. Pray that as friends read the letter, many will be prompted by the Holy Spirit to give and invest in helping take the gospel to more unreached people. 

4.       Continued fruitful results from January efforts to add new monthly financial partners to underwrite the work of Cru® church-planting and partner film teams. Pray the Holy Spirit will touch hearts and prompt 250 friends to become regular investors in 2021 to help send more workers to reach men, women and children for Christ across the globe. 

5.       The development of effective ways to serve our monthly partners and to help grow their ongoing involvement through prayer, giving and advocacy. 

6.       The planning, production and distribution of video reporting projects for 2021. Ask God for wisdom, clarity and open doors for new ways to create content as the global pandemic continues. 

7.       The Lord to continue to give insights into ways to add new financial partners online and through other avenues. Pray for breakthroughs using the internet, video and social media. Pray for more stories from the field that can help cast vision and stir hearts to invest in global evangelism and church planting.

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Thank you for standing with us in prayer