January 2018 Prayer Requests


 “I will sing a new song to You, O God; Upon a harp of ten strings I will sing praises to You” (Psalm 144:9, New American Standard Bible).

Praise God with us for the funds that He provided throughout 2017, and especially at the end of the year! More people will now be reached because of the generosity of many friends like you. More languages will be recorded; more teams will soon be equipped and sent out, and more new churches will be planted.

Praise Reports

1.     Holiday radio broadcasts on 583 stations in more than 50 countries reached an overall audience of 30 million people through the audio/drama version of the “Story of Jesus” (for families and children). About 40 percent of the audiences were non-churched—2 million people—heard a clear presentation of the gospel on radio. An estimated 720,000 made decisions to follow Christ.  Praise be to God!

2.      Christmas week television broadcasts in at least seven African nations put the gospel on film in front of millions of people.  A special project entitled “Jesus Speaks My Language” shared the message of hope through the film JESUS with more than 2 million people in Cameroon on national television in multiple languages and on five local channels. Potentially 200,000 people chose to follow Jesus in Cameroon alone.

3.      Christmas season 2017, Jesus Film Project® released two new short films on social media. The ministry saw more than 59,000 views and they were shared on Facebook 575 times. This led to more than 2,500 people clicking through a guide that taught them how to use the films. The campaign goal was to equip believers to use short films to start spiritual conversations with friends and family.

Prayer Requests

Central to our mission of giving everyone, everywhere, the gospel is to provide it in a person’s heart language. Please lift-up our Translation and Language Production teams and leaders.

1.     Oral Translation and Written Translation Workshops under the direction of Chris Deckert.
These workshops are seeking to produce script translations for languages needed in Asia and Africa. Pray for the 2018 goal of 44 scripts through the oral workshops and 35 scripts through the written workshops.

2.     Partnerships and Recording Outsourcing Project under the direction of Tom Dennen.
Through partnerships with groups like Youth With a Mission (YWAM) and Renew World Outreach, language production is being multiplied by the body of Christ. Pray for the training of partners to record up to 48 new translations of “JESUS” in the single-narration versions; this will get the gospel to more remote, unreached oral-culture indigenous peoples for the first time.

3.     Jesus Film® and Derivative Products Production under the direction of Kary Hagen and David Kennedy. Please pray for David as he steps into a new role as Language Production Team Leader this month. Although he is a Master Studio veteran with extensive field experience, he is assuming a larger, key role in keeping production on plan—at least 70 classic versions per year in addition to the derivative and follow-up films needed globally. Lift up his team of language production administrators and recordists. Ask God for additional staff to join David’s team—even in the next six months.

4.     New Recording Equipment needed to produce the film “JESUS” in heart languages worldwide.
The Recording Team’s current equipment was released in 2005 and the systems are not only wearing out, but also becoming obsolete. Pray for the funds and for the designing and constructing of 34 new [highly customized] recording units in 2018

In addition, please pray for the following:

1.     Fruitful results from January efforts to add new monthly financial partners to underwrite the work of church planting and partner film teams. Pray that the Holy Spirit will touch hearts and prompt at least 250 friends to become regular investors in helping to reach men, women and children for Christ across the globe.

2.     The enlistment of friends of the ministry, new and old, to attend the upcoming briefing in Bonita Springs, Florida, March 22-25. Pray that God will prompt those to join us whom He has prepared for greater involvement. Pray His Spirit will move in and throughout the weekend.

3.     Open doors to make significant, multiple-year financial challenges to select individuals, families and foundations.

4.     The Lord to continue to give insights into ways to acquire new financial partners online and through other avenues. Pray for breakthroughs using the internet, video and social media. Pray for more stories from the field that can help cast vision and stir hearts to invest in global evangelism and church planting.

5.     Work to be completed on a digital story and prayer guide, “Power of Jesus.” It will include 31 stories with relevant regional and national prayer requests. Lift up graphic design help needed for the final third of the project. A printed booklet version will follow.

6.     The planning for and production of video reporting projects for the coming year. Ask God for wisdom, clarity and open doors for projects in Asia, Africa and worldwide.


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