July 2017 Prayer Requests


"May my prayer be set before you like incense, may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice.” Psalm 141:2 (New International Version)

Summer Outreach Opportunities

Short-term mission trips provide a chance for people to do hands-on ministry by coming alongside national staff and partners to accelerate the work in open and restricted-access nations. To learn about going on one of these Jesus Film Mission Trips™ yourself, click here: www.jfmt.org

Please pray for the London Bridges Outreaches in England: Several groups will be doing community ministry distributing JESUS DVDs and other video formats to Arab Gulf visitors during the months of July and August.

Bridges 1:  July 1 to 13
Bridges 2:  July 15 to 27

Language Production Partnerships

Kona School of Translation and Recording – July to September 2017

Jesus Film production department will be sending teams to three different locations for 12 or 13 weeks this summer. During that time each team will have the privilege of seeing 16 to 20 languages adapted and translated in the JESUS film script and recorded. The hope is that through the three locations a total of 48 to 60 new JESUS films will be produced.

As we partner with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) please pray for:

1.       Unity Among Partners

  • Each one needs to value the gospel above their own preferences and organizational cultures.

2.       Number and Quality of Students

  • God will direct YWAM’s selection of the best students for the assignments.
  • Wisdom to choose students who display godly character and good skills to build upon.

3.       Future Trainers

  • Wisdom to select students from each track who show a passion for the work.
  • Students with the ability to train others.
  • Workers committed to serve the Lord in this project.

4.       Curriculum to be completed

5.       Funding for all phases of production

6.       Preparations for the Jesus Film Project’s training at the YWAM Kona (HI) offices from August 28 to September 15, 2017.

In addition, please pray for the following:

1)    A good response to the July postal appeal focusing on resourcing staff and partner teams with digital tools (DVDs, SD cards, tablets, etc.). Pray that as friends read the letter, they will be touched by the powerful stories and many will respond to the Holy Spirit’s prompting to invest in taking the gospel to unreached people.

2)    The expansion of our “Power of Jesus” stories and prayer guide to 31 featured countries or areas of the world where God is working and prayer is needed. Pray it will be an effective tool for use online and in a printed format. Lift up the writer/editor as she seeks to carve out time to work on the guide’s last 11 chapters.

3)    Appeals sent recently through postal mail to acquire new financial partners. Pray for hundreds of new friends to help provide support for film teams and the tools they need to reach the lost.

4)    The quick transition to a new system of communication with friends of the ministry through email; pray the new platform is fully operational by September. Also, pray for efforts to utilize online channels to attract and cultivate new friends and donors to the ministry.

5)    The work of raising significant gifts from selected friends to underwrite film evangelism and church planting in wide areas of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Ask God to prepare the hearts of these friends to welcome the invitation to invest in His work of fulfilling the Great Commission. Pray for new friends to join this global effort.

6)    Our missionary staff who are raising personal financial support for summer assignments, outreaches, and their ongoing ministry and family needs. Some staff have critical needs. Pray they will see God provide in exciting ways. To help a staff member, go to https://give.cru.org/2592796

A video report on the work of planting churches in Tanzania and across Africa to be completed by July 15. Pray that the challenge in the video will encourage and prompt people to help supply film equipment, motorbikes and underwrite film teams.


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Thank you for standing with us in prayer!