July 2019 Prayer Requests


“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” (Romans 12:12 NIV)


For the progress made producing Mission 865 languages. Thank the Lord for His financial provision for the ministry the first half of the year. Funding for new languages, film teams, projection equipment, online evangelism, television broadcasting and operations have enabled the good news on film to go to more than 100 nations. 

For new opportunities to partner and resource new sister organizations with “JESUS” and other versions of our films to aid in the acceleration of church planting worldwide. In more than 1,755 languages, God is using “JESUS” in the hands of others to bring thousands to saving faith every week.

Prayer Requests

1.       Lift up a key partner meeting/conference this month:  Ending Bible Poverty Now, July 15-19, Atlanta, Georgia.

2.       Lift up planning for expansion of our Snap Dragon language scripting and dubbing partnership beyond South and Southeast Asia. Dozens, even scores of languages are needed in other parts of Asia and this process can significantly accelerate the work of bringing the gospel on film to many more people in their heart language. Not only can whole families be reached and changed, but even entire communities.

3.       Jesus Film Mission Trips® – July 2019

Southeast Asia (June 28 - July 11)

On this trip to Southeast Asia, missions teams will work with a partner organization to engage local villagers through conversational English, as well as share the Jesus Film Project® app and short films to bridge into spiritual conversations. Pray for God to prepare the hearts of those villagers whom the team will have conversations.

Mediterranean Crossing, Marseille, France (June 30 - July 12)

Each summer North Africans return to their home countries from temporary jobs held in Europe, flooding to the port cities of France and Spain. This affords a great opportunity for people from some of the most closed countries in the world to hear the gospel as teams offer gifts of JESUS DVDs, audios, and written materials to them. Each piece handed out includes an opportunity for them to request follow-up materials and Bibles. Lift up the many thousands who will receive DVDs and other materials and pray that many will seek follow up.

Mauritius (July 16 - 30)

Teams will travel to this tiny island in the Indian Ocean to assist ministry co–workers with local outreaches to a very ethnically diverse population. Many people will gather in Mauritius this summer for the Indian Ocean Island Games (sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee). Teams will use Jesus Film Project® tools and train others how to use mobile technology to share their faith. Working side by side with university students and lay people going out in pairs and small groups to share Christ, teams will seek to have spiritual conversations using the Jesus Film Project® app in local languages.

Short-term mission trips provide a chance for people to do hands-on ministry by coming alongside national staff and partners to accelerate the work in open and restricted-access nations. To learn about going on one these Jesus Film Mission Trips™ yourself, click here: www.jfmt.org

In addition, please pray for the following:

1.       A strong response to the July postal appeal focusing on resourcing Cru® and partner film teams with digital tools (DVDs, SD cards, Wi-Fi boxes, etc.). Pray that as friends read the powerful letter, they will be moved by the stories and many will respond to the Holy Spirit’s prompting to invest in taking the gospel to unreached people.

2.       The final production of a video report on the ministry of film and partner teams doing evangelism and church planting in India. Pray that documenting the work of the New India Evangelistic Association will inspire and demonstrate the impact the gospel is having in one of the “tough places” in the northeastern part of the country.

3.       A July email campaign to add new monthly donors to help support the work of film teams and planting churches in West Africa. Pray for 50 new monthly partners to be raised up and that a challenge match will multiply their impact.

4.       The video recording of a Gift and Estate Planned Giving Web Seminar to be video-recorded this month for a September broadcast. Pray for effective promotion of the seminar and that many friends from both Jesus Film Project® and Wycliffe Bible Translators® will attend.

5.       Appeals sent through postal mail to add new financial partners to the ministry. Pray that ongoing testing will determine which presentation works most effectively to encourage involvement. Pray the matching-grant funds will prompt responses and the fulfillment is completed by August 15.

6.      Our several hundred missionary staff who are raising personal financial support for summer outreaches, the July 2019 Cru® U.S. staff conference, and their ongoing ministry and family needs. Some staff have critical needs. Pray they will see God provide in supernatural ways. To help a staff member, go to https://give.cru.org/2592796.

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Thank you for standing with us in prayer