June 2019 Prayer Requests


"May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all”  (2 Corinthians 13:14, New International Version).


For the progress made producing Mission 865 languages. With the dubbing of the Bembe language for Democratic Republic of Congo (525,000 speakers), 426 languages are now completed and in use proclaiming the good news of Christ!

So far this year, 32 languages have been completed! Partners like Youth With a Mission (YWAM), Renew World Outreach and SnapDragon are reporting that advances are being made in the completion of scripts, and that recording teams no longer need to wait for scripts to be created in order to dub new language versions of “JESUS.”

Thank you for your part in helping to make this progress possible as together we work to bring "JESUS" to people where the gospel has yet to go.

Prayer Requests

1.       For the new Global Expansion team as they seek to fully support and service the Jesus Film Project® area representatives, partner ministries and the work of nationals in more than 190 nations. - Lift up Keith and Kim Bubalo as they lead this team.

2.       For Jesus Film Project Executive Director Josh Newell and his wife, Holly, as they give overall direction. Pray they will be divinely inspired. Pray too for their family of three sons and a young daughter.

3.       For the Lord of the Harvest to raise up more workers to record languages, work with national ministries and their leadership, produce new digital tools and films, compile reports from across the globe, and raise the financial resources needed.

4.       Jesus Film Mission Trips® – June 2019

South Pacific: Samoa (June 8 – 22)
The Polynesian nation of Samoa boasts lush tropical forests and coral seas. Tribal carvings blended with modern architecture serve as a reminder of an ancient culture and antiquated traditions. Beyond the allure of this beautiful nation, there is a rich yet troubled history and a great spiritual need. The majority population of the island is made up of indigenous Samoans, who are generally open to talking about the gospel and yet are still lost in spirit worship and ancestral religion.

Teams will travel to Samoa to help local Cru® workers and partners in the region launch a new ministry location by using the Jesus Film Project® app. as well as participate in one-to-one campus evangelism and church-planting ministry. They will also train nationals to use the Jesus Film Project app for evangelism and prayerfully conduct large-group ”JESUS” film showing events. Pray that these efforts will produce a 100-fold increase in the spiritual harvest and that a new generation of workers is raised up to help reach their nation.

Caribbean Quest: Barbados (June 11 – 24)
Lush with tropical forests, surrounded by sapphire seas, the island of Barbados lies just north of Venezuela in South America.  The islanders speak English with a distinct accent, reflecting the West African and European influence on their culture. The focus of the trip is to equip leaders and college students by training them to use short films and digital media to share the gospel. Because of the relaxed and relational island way of life, it’s easy to strike up conversations and share the message of hope through Christ with the locals. Outreach will focus on the college campus and within the community. Pray for open hearts to respond to the good news.

Southeast Asia Adventure (June 20 – July 3)
This trip will take short-term evangelists to a city where high-rise apartments, European architecture and pagodas dominate the skyline. Though the country offers an abundance of historical sites to explore, American tourists seldom visit.

In this key metropolitan area, the ministry will partner with like-minded believers by training them to use the Jesus Film Project® app to connect with the locals and engage them in spiritual conversations. The team may also participate in English conversation clubs where we can share our faith in the context of a friendly relationship. The goal is to connect with individuals who may never have heard the gospel and assure them they can have a personal relationship with Jesus. Pray they will be effective in sharing the hope of the gospel in a city where less than 1 percent of the nationals profess faith in Christ.

London Bridges (June 20 – July 3)
For years this trip has been an incredibly effective, low-key way to help influential people from the Middle East hear about Christ's love. London is the main tourist destination for many visitors from the Middle East as they escape the blazing heat of their summer. The team will distribute “JESUS” DVDs and Arabic New Testaments while developing friendships. Pray that those who take the materials would watch and read them and that their hearts will response to the call of the Holy Spirit.

In addition, please pray for the following:

1.       For a good response to the June postal appeal that focuses on sending church-planting film and partner teams. Pray that as friends read the letter, they will be touched by the stories and many will be prompted by the Holy Spirit to invest in taking the gospel to unreached people.

2.       For the production of a video report on the ministry of film and partner teams doing evangelism and church planting in India. Pray that documenting the work of the New India Evangelistic Association will inspire and demonstrate the impact the gospel is having in one of the “tough places” in the northeastern part of the country.

3.       For appeals sent recently through postal mail to add new financial partners to the ministry. Pray that ongoing testing will determine which presentation works most effectively to encourage involvement. Pray the matching-grant funds will prompt responses and the fulfillment is completed by August 15.

4.       For the preparation of a Gift and Estate Planned Giving Web Seminar to be video-recorded in July for a September broadcast.

5.       For our several hundred missionary staff who are raising personal financial support for summer outreaches, the 2019 Cru® National Staff Conference, and their ongoing ministry and family needs. Some staff have critical needs. Pray they will see God provide in exciting ways. To help a staff member, go to https://give.cru.org/2592796.

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Thank you for standing with us in prayer