March 2021 Prayer Requests


“Hear my prayer  Lord; listen to my cry for mercy.  When I am in distress, I call to you, because you answer me”  (Psalm 86:6-7, New International Version).


1.       Thank God for His generous provision for the ministry’s finances over the last trimester of 2020, even in the midst of the tremendous challenges of an unprecedented year. Many of those funds will be assigned to resourcing field workers and partners, with essential tools for outreach, church planting, and various broadcasting and online evangelistic efforts.

2.       Rejoice in how God moved in supernatural ways through our February in-person partner briefing and subsequent virtual event. Thank Him for the work of the Spirit and prompting of guests to invest in the work of Jesus Film Project in 2021 and beyond. Faith commitments of more than $7.4 million were made by friends of the ministry.

Prayer Requests

The Easter season is a key time of the year for ministry using the “JESUS” film and other content for evangelism and follow-up worldwide. Please lift up these efforts and others this month.

A.      Pray for the final preparations for Easter television and radio broadcasts across the globe. During Easter 2020, the film “JESUS” was aired on television in scores of countries, and more than 160 million people watched as the coronavirus epidemic spread across the globe. Lift up this year’s opportunities in dozens of countries.

In partnership with others like Transworld Radio, the ministry will be broadcasting “The Story of Jesus” audio-radio version this Easter to Russia, Thailand, Iran, Vietnam, Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and China. In two of these strategic countries—Japan and India—radio broadcast may be the primary opportunity to reach a mass of people otherwise difficult to reach through traditional means.

B.       Pray for Easter outreach campaigns on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, designed to put evangelistic film content in front of people online. These campaigns will take “seekers” on a digital journey and open the door for one-on-one spiritual conversations with a Christ-follower. Pray that these many hundreds, even thousands of conversations will lead to many making commitments to enter into a personal relationship with Christ. Also, pray for the process of following them up and pointing them to fellowship groups online and to local churches.

C.       Continue to pray for the development of virtual workshops to create scripts for the recording of new languages of “JESUS.” The fruit of virtual Script Adaption Workshops in Ukraine and Cameroon in the latter part of 2020 has proved to be a template for additional workshops in the first half of 2021. Lift up workshops planned for the spring, and the expansion of the concept to other continents. Also, pray for the doors to open for recording technicians to soon be able to go and do the actual dubbing of new languages in-country using the scripts created in these workshops.

D.      Pray for our partnership with Deaf Missions and other like-minded organizations developing films and printed resources to reach the hearing-impaired, often considered the least-reached people group on earth. Pray for Jim Hadlock who is leading our work in this area. Pray for the development of a film about Jesus that will be created in American Sign Language over the next two years, to be a template for the future development of dozens of unique sign languages. Pioneering efforts will begin in the Philippines.

E.       Pray for breakthroughs for the gospel to spread in the top 12 countries with the greatest need for churches and evangelism. Pray for wisdom, new ideas and new partnerships in these countries. This month’s featured country is Indonesia. To learn more go to:

In addition, please pray for the following:

1.       A strong response to the March postal mail appeal seeking financial underwriting for Film Team Equipment and Video Tools needed to reach more people in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Pray that many will read the letters and be prompted by the Spirit to give—to equip and mobilize workers to take the gospel to unreached people in more than 100 nations. A challenge grant is being offered for $250,000; pray the grant is underwritten by April 30.

2.       Friends of the ministry who attended the February in-person or online virtual briefings. Thank God for those whom He led to make financial commitments. Pray that He continues to work and touch the hearts of others who are still considering commitments. Pray more friends will be moved to greater involvement.

3.       Continued fruitful results from January efforts to add new monthly financial partners to underwrite the work of Cru® church-planting and partner film teams. Pray the Holy Spirit will touch hearts and prompt 250 friends to become regular investors in 2021 to help send more workers to reach men, women and children for Christ across the globe. The development of effective ways to serve our monthly partners and to help grow their ongoing involvement through prayer, giving and advocacy.

4.       The planning, production and distribution of video reporting projects for 2021. Ask God for wisdom, clarity and open doors for new ways to create content as the global pandemic continues.

5.       Friends of the ministry to continue to leverage their giving through non-cash and tax-wise gifts (stock and other securities, IRAs and donor-advised funds) to help accelerate global evangelism and church planting. Also, lift up opportunities for more ministry partners to include Jesus Film Project® in their wills, trusts and other estate plans.

6.       The Lord to continue to give insights into ways to add new financial partners online and through other avenues. Pray for breakthroughs using email, video and social media. Pray for more stories from the field that can help cast vision and stir hearts to invest in global evangelism and church planting.

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Thank you for standing with us in prayer