November 2019 Prayer Requests


“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever.” (I Chronicles 16:34, New International Version)


The Easter and Christmas holiday seasons provide strategic opportunities for global film evangelism. Why? Because people in many parts of the world are often more open spiritually than at any other time during the year. The ministry and its partners leverage this “window of greater openness,” both to proclaim the good news and to enter into conversations that can lead to direct spiritual connections.

November is the time when the final preparations for many of the Christmas holiday outreaches and campaigns take place; contracts are completed, digital products are produced (SD cards, DVDs, etc.), materials are printed and shipped, and lay workers are trained.  Please join in praying for these efforts.

Prayer Requests

1.       Trans World Radio and their radio partners will air the audio version of “JESUS” on 373 stations worldwide during December—up to 30 million people could be reached through these broadcasts! Pray for hearts to be prepared and ears to hear the gospel in dozens of countries where the broadcasts will take place.

2.       The holiday season is also an ideal time for television broadcasting of “JESUS,” “Magdalena: Released from Shame,” and “The Story of Jesus for Children.” Pray for preparations for TV broadcasts in multiple languages. Plus, there will be online video streaming through iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft Video/Xbox/Sony and Amazon Video. Pray for hearts to be open as they hear the gospel.

3.       Pray for the Language Script Creation workshop team this month in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The team working on another group of languages there in September experienced significant spiritual warfare in this dark, difficult African country. Pray for the team and the workshop creating scripts for the following languages:  Mbandja, Mono, Ngbandi-Ngiri (Southern), Pagabete (Pagibete), Budja (Budza), Ngombe-South (Budjala), Ngombe-North (Bosobolo), Furu (Fulu) and Lobala.

Jesus Film Mission Trips® –  November 2019

As teams travel to various countries, please pray for wisdom in locating and connecting with like-minded ministries. The goal is to form partnerships with ministries already in-country who can help Jesus Film teams plant churches locally.

Angola, Southern Africa (November 1 - 15)
Pray for teams traveling to Angola as they share "JESUS" with unreached people in this isolated and poor country in Southern Africa. Once defined by years of strife and political instability, Angola is now in the process of rebuilding. Pray that hearts will be open to the Savior and lives will be transformed.

Senegal, Francophone Africa (November 3 - 16)
Teams will take the gospel to students in a part of West Africa little touched by the truth of Christ. A coastal people, the Senegalese are welcoming and hospitable, despite their poverty. Religion imported from the Middle East and former European colonization each left their imprints on Senegal, creating both huge need and tremendous opportunity. While most young people speak French as well as their local dialects, many also speak English and want to practice with other English-speakers to help with their university pursuits. Pray for many divine opportunities to share the good news of Christ with students and the wider community.

Cambodia, Southeast Asia (November 4 - 17)
Short-term teams will partner with local believers to show the “JESUS” film and engage with their neighbors in one-on-one outreach. These people have enjoyed growing prosperity in recent years, yet many need inner peace and healing. The team plans to introduce people to the peace found only in a relationship with Jesus. 

Short-term mission trips provide a chance for people to do hands-on ministry by coming alongside national staff and partners to accelerate the work in open and restricted-access nations. To learn about going on one of these Jesus Film Mission Trips™ yourself, click here:

In addition, please pray for the following:

1.       Friends who are receiving our November letter and 2019 holiday gift catalog inviting support for film teams, equipment and needs worldwide. Pray that many of those who read the letter will be prompted by God’s Spirit to give to help take the good news to more unreached people.

2.       The Jesus Film ProjectÒ Christmas season annual staff calling project. Pray that 5,600 friends can be contacted. Pray that many will respond to this special effort to help underwrite film teams and digital tools for evangelism and church planting across the globe.

3.       Efforts to acquire new financial partners for the ministry during the holiday season, both online and through postal mail. Ask God for 3,000 new friends to join in helping to reach people in our lost world. Pray for these efforts on GivingTuesday (December 3) to support the work of reaching the lost and planting new churches in West Africa.

4.       Partners who have made commitments at ministry briefings and are seeking to fulfill commitments before year end.

5.       Opportunities for friends of the ministry to leverage IRA, appreciated stock, and other tax-smart non-cash gifts to help advance the work of global evangelism. Also pray for friends with Donor-Advised Funds to consider year-end giving opportunities with the funds they have been entrusted with.

6.       Regional representatives who are visiting friends of the ministry across the country this fall. Pray they can clearly share about current opportunities to advance the gospel with these friends. Pray too that many will respond and invest in the work of the kingdom through film evangelism, discipleship and church planting. Lift up the Office Representatives as they seek to connect with friends by telephone and encourage involvement by the end of the year.

7.       The missionary staff of the ministry as they invite opportunities to support their individual roles with Jesus Film Project between now and the end of 2019. To support one or more of these staff members, please click on this link:

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Thank you for standing with us in prayer