Reaching the World Through Heart Languages.

September 2016 Prayer Requests


“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
                                                        1 Corinthians 15:57 (New King James Version)


The Lord has raised up 11 new recording technicians who are just finishing training. Thank you for your prayers over the past 10 months. These men and women will be taking their first overseas trips this month with veteran technicians and dubbing their first of many languages, for unreached people groups; pray for these recording teams and for the people who will soon hear Jesus speak their language.


1.      Lift up the premiere of a new Mission 865 language, Ikizu, this month for the people of Tanzania. Pray for hearts to be open and responsive to the gospel as they see and hear of God’s message of love and forgiveness.

2.      Ask the Lord to continue the process of opening doors to record 50 new Mission 865 languages of “JESUS” in Indonesia. Pray that this special project can begin January 2017 and that all 50 heart languages can be completed in-country by late 2019.

3.      Pray for the International Orality Network conference, “Word Without Borders,” September 12 to 14 in Houston, TX. Lift up this gathering of word experts on communicating the gospel to people who have no written language. This is key to getting “JESUS” into smaller language groups and the ability to reach everyone in every nation in a language they understand.

4.      Lift up the re-certifying of the “JESUS” film for use in a country in South Asia. The film is vital to reach millions; pray that no doors will be closed to clearly declaring the salvation message in its entirety.

5.      Short-term mission trips provide a number of opportunities for people to do hands-on ministry by coming alongside national staff members and partners to accelerate the work in open- and restricted-access nations. [To learn about going on one of these Jesus Film® mission trips yourself, click here:] Please lift up the following September outreach:

The African Islands—Cabo Verde
Cabo Verde, nicknamed “Europe’s Caribbean,” is an archipelago of islands off the coast of West Africa. Pray for the openness of these Portuguese-speaking islanders to the gospel. The team will share their faith in groups and train local churches in discipleship as well as conducting digital evangelism using the Jesus Film app.   [September 25 – October 8, 2016].

In addition, please pray for the following:

Pray for the September postal appeal focusing on seeking funds for DVDs, micro SD cards, duplicators, video tablets and other digital tools. Thank God for how His Spirit is moving and pray that friends of the ministry might be prompted to help provide the resources needed to reach men, women and children across the globe.

Pray for efforts to acquire new donors through postal mail. Pray that God will raise up hundreds of new ministry partners to supply tools to reach Middle East refugees and people in restricted nations for Christ.

Pray for a good response to the video report on the use of film-showing equipment in the nation of Madagascar. Pray the report will encourage friends of the ministry and prompt a number of people to help supply projection equipment for film evangelism and church planting—not only for Madagascar and Southern and Eastern Africa, but across the globe.

Pray for the video-documenting church-planting efforts with partners in Tanzania in early September. Ask for God’s favor to be on this project of telling how He is touching and transforming the lives of families and communities through the use of JESUS, Magdalena and The Story of Jesus for Children.

Pray for the work and completion of an updated e-version of the Power of JESUS stories and prayer guide.

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Thank you for standing with us in prayer!