Language Information Coordinator - "Supported" Staff


Do you love information, analysis and global people groups? Do languages and unreached ethnic groups interest you? We need people with excellent Excel and Access skills that enjoy analysis and reporting. You would also meet with partners around the world who work in the translation of the Bible who can help us understand where we can get information on translators of Jesus Film. Your information management and relational skills are highly needed today at Jesus Film Project.

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Human Resources
Jesus Film Project
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What is "Supported" Staff?

Jesus Film Project, a ministry of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), is a support-based ministry. This means that we have no central funds for paying our missionary staff. If accepted for a supported staff position, you would receive extensive training to help you raise financial support from churches and individuals who have a heart to share the good news of Jesus Christ. You can apply for a one-year Internship or for full-time Supported Staff if you sense that God is calling you to long-term service.