Gift Catalog

Gifts of hope, light and Truth for every person, every you can send to people who walk in darkness, so they may at last hear the Word of God in their heart language, visually witness the gospel story, and experience His love and grace.

The “JESUS” film has been translated into more than 1,500 languages. In fact, it’s been recognized as the "Most Translated Film" in history. There are still hundreds of unreached people groups who have not heard the good news, the work is far from finished.

You can help reach these people through your prayers and generous donations. Here are some specific ways you can give to help reach people with the Gospel:

Greatest Needs

Jesus Film Project is helping to reach hearts and nations with the gospel of Christ, and with your help, hundreds, even thousands more can be reached.... Your gift today of any amount will help send the gospel to people in their own heart language where most needed.

Suggested amount: $100.

Reach a Neighborhood or Village and Help Plant a Church

People in communities large and small await the gospel; you can take it to them today. Your gift will send a team to show “JESUS,” follow up those who respond and establish a fellowship of believers.

You can reach an entire village or neighborhood with Jesus and help plant a thriving church with a gift of $175.

“Tell Me THE Story” Stuffed Animal

Thanks to an innovative audio tool called "Tell Me THE Story" Stuffed Animals, refugee children of all ages (and their families) hear about the peace and security found in Jesus through the comfort of a stuffed animal.

These cuddly, solar powered toys include a pocket holding an audio player loaded with an audio version of the "JESUS" film and other Bible stories in the recipient’s heart language. 

Send a "Tell Me THE Story" Stuffed Animal for $42 today.

Send Them Tablets

For people in restricted nations where tablets are a common sight, these modern marvels present news of the Savior and the gospel. Video tablets are effective to show “JESUS” in intimate, secure, small group settings.

You can help send the message of hope and true peace from where you are right now.

$285 will provide a tablet preloaded with “JESUS” and other Jesus Film media to equip workers in restricted areas. 




"Light Their World" Lamp and Audio Player

For refugees stranded in camps in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, and for remote communities living without electricity, the "Light Their World" solar powered LED lamp and audio player/FM radio hybrid is a great help.

Children can continue with their studies after sundown and men, women and children can listen to Jesus Film audio tracks. Powered by solar panel, AC and an internal battery, the unit also charges devices like mobile phones.

Send a family of refugees their own "Light Their World" lamp for $67.

Support a Film Team for One Week

Nationals form film and church-planting teams. Their lives are enriched by their task—as they work to reach their nations for Christ.

Skilled, dedicated, knowledgeable teams not only show “JESUS,” but train partner teams to do the same. By combining the efforts of mission workers and church volunteers in an area, these staff teams multiply and reproduce themselves. Equipped with “JESUS” projection tools and follow-up materials, far more churches and small groups are being planted and nurtured. Each team is grateful for your gifts that enable their work.

Send a team out for a week for $315.

Mini-Pack: Complete Pocket Projector Set

This highly portable set fits into a very small pack, resembling a camera bag. A tiny projector, rechargeable battery, and small but clear speakers enable a worker to move through dangerous areas without arousing suspicion.

Equip a team with one Mini-Pack Projector Set for $2,285.

"JESUS" Script for New Translation

The first and most important step of translation:  Your gift will cover the cost to support a linguist, working with nationals, as they create an accurate script of “JESUS.”

Fund  one "JESUS" Script for a New Translation for $1,500.

Church Planting Resource Kit

A small but powerful projector, portable screen and speakers set, able to reach audiences up to 200.  It’s all powered by the sun through solar panels that charge batteries during the day. National workers can gather whole villages or neighborhoods, show them “JESUS” and plant churches. 

Partners who receive this equipment agree to show “JESUS” at least 100 times per year.  Your gift can reach many, build up spiritual communities, and plant many churches.

Equip a team with a Church Planting Resource Kit for $3,420.


In the event that the project described in this appeal [above] is fully funded, delayed or canceled, the excess funds will be reassigned to a ministry need most closely identifying with the project for which the funds were originally given. For more information on donor policies, please visit