Jesus speaks

The JESUS film is now available in 2,000 languages. Millions have watched and their hearts have realized, “Jesus speaks my language!”

Journey of Generosity

Warren and Brenda Pfohl’s lifestyle of giving began with an unexpected end to their ministry work in Poland. Through personal bouts with illness, the Pfohls trusted God. Then He led them to an exciting adventure with Jesus Film Project®.

As they give, the Pfohl’s believe they live out their calling to go and make disciples, and to help every person in the world know who Jesus is. Watch the video above to hear more of their story.

This can be part of your story too.

When you give, you make it possible for believers everywhere to translate videos into thousands of heart languages. This gives the communities around them a chance to hear about Jesus in their own language—to meet the One they can place their trust in. It starts with you.