Japan city skyline


August 2022

The greatest gospel gap in the world is in 50 countries—they have barely any new, thriving churches. And nearly 75% of all the world’s unreached people (3.6 billion) live in 12 of those 50 countries. These people have the least access to the gospel in their own language.

Engage in strategic, focused prayer for the 12 countries of the world that are least reached with the gospel without ever leaving home.

Every month in 2022 we’ll feature one of these countries, familiarize you with its culture, and share prayer requests addressing the country’s specific needs. We believe the light of Jesus can shine through!

All about Japan

During the month of August, masses of city dwellers in Japan return to their ancestral villages for the Obon festival. Many believe that ancestors’ spirits visit their families at this time, so they guide the spirits home with lanterns and honor them with festivals and dances. Let’s pray that the light and hope of the gospel will be revealed to many this month!

Japan on Asia continent map

Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market—the largest fish market in the world—once auctioned a tuna for $1.7 million!

Japan is home to a record 80,000 centenarians—those who have reached the age of 100. About 28.7% of the population are 65 or older.

While the majority of Japanese people practice Buddhism or Shintoism to some extent, these beliefs are generally viewed as a way of life, rather than a religion. Less than 2% claim to be Christian.

Approximately 40% of publications sold in Japan are manga—comic books or graphic novels.

While sumo wrestling is the official national sport of Japan, more Japanese people indicate that baseball is their favorite sport.

Pray with us…

Pray for ministries and churches in Japan to be united. Pray that they would grow in trust and pursue peace with one another.

Many Japanese youth suffer from crushing depression. Shame over poor school performance or isolation and loneliness can leave them feeling hopeless about the future. Pray that they will find their security and hope in God.

Many Japanese people would prefer to accept Jesus as another great teacher among many that they admire. For many Japanese, the claim that Jesus is the one true living God is offensive. Pray that Japanese people who hold a universalistic perspective would see Jesus as the way, the truth and the life.

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