Story of the Soul

"Story of the Soul is a beautiful way to unfold the cry of the human heart" – Story of the Soul event attendee

God, Himself, connects with humanity through various creative means: songs, hyperbole, poetry, parables, and creation. He enters our world and uses surprising things to get our attention and engage our hearts.

It's this very fact that inspired the creation of Story of the Soul.

Story of the Soul is an interactive outreach experience connecting people to a story you'd like to share—the gospel of Jesus Christ.

During every Story of the Soul outreach, the gospel is shared after considering stories the soul of man has been telling throughout time in film, music, classic literature, pop culture, poetry, artwork, and history. Each SOTS event centers around a universal theme that seeks to answer common questions every human soul wrestles with, questions like:

  • "Can I really change?"
  • "Is there more to life?"
  • "Is there life without regret?"
  • "Will I ever belong?"

These questions are explored through the engaging presentation of art and media, as well as personal testimony being shared to bridge audiences to the gospel.

We hope you'll download our full Story of the Soul Kit to learn how you can use this outreach to connect others to the most important story of all, the story of Jesus.

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