Arclight: Get Free Access to Stream Christian Videos Directly to Your Ministry with Our Secure API Tool

Arclight is a free API service that gives you access to 100+ Christian-based media productions in 2,000+ supported languages.

Arclight makes it simple to give your audience access to culturally relevant, evangelical video material that shares the story of Jesus Christ directly from your website or app.





Increase the Impact of Your Ministry’s Website or App with Video

You know your website or app can welcome and connect many new people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, but maybe you’re not sure how to get started. We can help you make this an engaging and inviting experience for those seeking to know Jesus using video.

Arclight is a free tool provided by the Jesus Film Project, increasing our ability to partner with other ministries so more people can know who Jesus is. Our hope is to equip you with the Christian-based media and digital resources you need to create amazing tools of your own.

Connect and Stream Christian Video Content Through Your Ministry Website or App

The ultimate goal for the Jesus film Project is to reach the last, the least, and the lost. People who are looking to know more about who Jesus is.


Discover, present and consume download URLs, streaming URLs, subtitles URLs, image URLs, embed codes and translated metadata for 100+ productions in up to 1900+ supported media languages.


Create experiences because we link media to other media, languages, countries, genres, bible citations, study questions and more.


Search for media, countries, languages and alternate languages by search term in 18 supported languages using ElasticSeach the world’s most popular enterprise search engine.


Have access to multiple video players loaded with our content. These players are customizable and packed with perks like. Share button to share the content in various ways. Includes built in analytics tracking. Crop our content at specific start and end times. Load and auto start available subtitles.

And everything is free.

You can download any video and keep it forever, for free. You can share clips, episodes, or even entire films for free online. This media was made to be shared and given away, so you can use the whole library to share the good news of Jesus with anyone and everyone.

Request a Demo and See First Hand the Power Arclight can Offer

We will work with your ministry and its technical specifications to ensure you provide quality video streaming to your viewers. Fill in the form below if you are interested in learning more about how your ministry could use Arclight.