NextSteps Group: Grow and Multiply Your Online Christian Community, and the People in it.

NextSteps Groups helps Christian small groups take personalized next steps in their faith together by giving them a customizable platform for better conversation and building community.





The Truth: Mainstream Social Media and Messaging Platforms Weren’t Designed with the Nuances of Church or Biblical Community in Mind.

That’s why we’re building a platform that empowers church leaders and their groups with customizable components to build their own digital discipleship pathways, helping their communities grow closer to God and multiply in a culturally contextualized way.

Do You Want to See Your Online Community Grow Organically, Experiencing the Care and Connection We Saw in the Early Church?

NextSteps Groups gives both long-time and new Christian believers the space to grow in their faith together and connect meaningfully along the way. It gives leaders and creators the space the customize the content and interactions to help their communities grow organically.

In your NextSteps Groups, group creators can tap into the power of the NextSteps Journey Builder to create interactive video series that guide the group to take next steps together in their faith. 

We know it takes time and resources to start from scratch. Instead, start with tried-and-true NextSteps Journey templates. Then, customize the experience according to your unique ministry approach.

Ready for your group to multiply? NextSteps Groups is also the best place to create a connection point between your outreach efforts and existing online community. Connect your Groups directly to your NextSteps Journey campaigns to invite and warmly welcome new believers seeking answers online into your Groups.

And everything is free.

You can download any of our gospel videos and keep it forever, for free. You can share clips, episodes, or even entire films for free online. This media was made to be shared and given away, so you can use the whole library to share the good news of Jesus with anyone and everyone.

Create Practical Discipleship Strategies and Communities with NextSteps Groups.

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