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Falcao’s Story

Falcao’s Story

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It was his always dream to play in the World Cup. Then, at the age of 13, Falcao became the youngest footballer to ever compete in the professional league. From Argentina, Portugal, Spain, and now Monaco, God lead him to various teams, teaching many things. Success and recognition came as his career developed. Along with this popularity came pressure to perform - and learning to deal with it was a challenge. Falcao leaned into God, knowing He was there to help him overcome these pressures. Football, career, his life - in all these things Falcao has put the ultimate decision into God's hands. And it is because Falcao made the decision to follow Jesus Christ with his life. His perspective on life shifted from what he wanted, to what God's plans and purposes were for Falcao. Beyond the material world, there is also a spiritual aspect to life. Even if you have everything, true satisfaction comes only from God. A relationship with Him gives an assurance that He will always be with you. If you'd like to learn more about how to grow in your faith and relationship with God, visit for more materials. Questions: - Success and pressure to perform are stressful. Have you ever been in a situation where these were expected of you? How did you handle it? - Have material things left you wanting more to life? - Falcao mentioned putting the ultimate decision of many things in life into God's hands. If you did that, how would you feel?