There are still millions of people across the globe with little access to the gospel.

Reach Unreached Nations With Jesus Film Project

Not everyone can read or will read the Bible. Jesus Film Project delivers the story of Jesus on film so all can hear Him speak in their language and see His love play out on screen.

We believe film is the most powerful way to share the story of Jesus. Discover why and how you can use our resources to share the gospel in your heart language.

Our Name Is Jesus Film Project But We Are More Than Just Films

We’re passionate about sharing Jesus with the world because we believe everyone, everywhere should have access to His life-changing love and forgiveness. That’s why, by God’s grace and through the help of our partners, our Christian films are available in over 2,000 different languages. They are designed to break language and literacy barriers so anyone can watch—no matter where they are in the world.

But that’s not all we do.

Leaning on God, we’ve placed our sights on reaching everyone, everywhere, with a special focus on the areas of the world that have the least access to the gospel. And as the world changes, we innovate, adapt and use new technologies to reach it with the story of Jesus.

Jesus Film Project is More Than Just Films

We create resources so that you have all you need to share Jesus with the world around you. Use these resources to help spark Christ-centered conversations, plant churches and mentor new believers in your communities with partner tools like small group lessons and prayer guides.

In 1979 we created the JESUS film.

Since then we’ve translated the film into more than 2,100 languages. Millions have watched, and more than 600 million people have made decisions to follow Christ. Today our contextualized feature-length films, short films, apps and digital ministry tools in several languages help you share the gospel with the world. None of this is possible without the grace of God, our selfless partners, and believers like you who have helped us take the gospel where it isn’t known.

Our passionate team of ministry leaders help keep day-to-day operations running smoothly.

Get to know the team of leaders that makes Jesus Film Project possible.

Journey through our interactive exhibits and learn how God is continuing to enable us to share the love of Christ. Take a free tour of the building Jesus Film Project calls home.

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