Ways you can make a difference

Current Projects

The “JESUS” film has been translated into more than 2,100 languages. In fact, it’s been recognized as the “Most Translated Film” in history. All the work of translating and dubbing the “JESUS” film has resulted in more than 665 million people worldwide making the decision to follow Christ. Yet there are still hundreds of unreached people groups who have not heard the good news, the work is far from finished. You can help reach these people through your prayers and generous donations. Here are some other specific ways you can give to help reach people with the Gospel:

Reach the Least-Reached: Mission 865

Mission 865 is an initiative of Jesus Film Project® that seeks to take the gospel to people from the last 865 language groups of 50,000 speakers or more with the “JESUS” film in their own heart language. You can be the one to bring them the message of God’s love and forgiveness through Christ. Your gift today can reach an entire people group with the gospel on film in their mother tongue.

Reach a Neighborhood/Village and Plant a Church

People in communities large and small await the gospel; you can take it to them today. Your gift will send a team to show “JESUS”, follow up those who respond and establish a fellowship of believers. You can reach an entire village or neighborhood with Jesus and help plant a thriving church with a gift of $165.

Reach People in the Digital World

Your gift can reach people anywhere in the world, even in closed nations. Help them experience the power of “JESUS” and other films online and on any mobile device or smartphone. Your investment in digital evangelism will bring the message of hope and eternal life in Christ to men, women and children.

Send Them Much Needed Tablets

For people in restricted nations where tablets are a common sight, these modern marvels present news of the Savior and the gospel. Video tablets are effective to show “JESUS” in intimate, secure, small group settings.

You can help send the message of hope and true peace from where you are right now. $425 will provide a tablet preloaded with “JESUS” and other Jesus Film® media to equip workers in restricted areas. During the global pandemic, tablets have become an essential tool for film evangelism and followup. 

You Can Send Much Needed Humanitarian Aid

With the help of partners like you, Jesus Film Project can give refugee families special heating and cooking units to keep their “homes” warm and provide hot meals.

Your heartfelt gift of $40 will supply a heater, a cooking plate, a propane canister and the opportunity to experience the love of Jesus. Your gift will help meet the most essential physical needs of a family torn by war (Matthew 25:35-36) and also help open the doors to meet spiritual needs.

“JESUS” SD Cards, DVDs and Thumb Drives

Your gift will send “JESUS,” other Jesus Film media and follow-up films to unreached people and will help new believers grow in their faith.

Greatest Needs

Jesus Film Project is helping to reach hearts and nations with the gospel of Christ, and with your help, hundreds, even thousands more can be reached. Your gift today of any amount will help send the gospel to people in their own heart language where most needed.