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  • Hope for Sinners

    My name is Dorcas. This is the name I adopted after I met Jesus. My life has been full of toil, an endless search for that which would give me peace—until now. Familiar With Fear I was born into a family that practiced a traditional African religion; we prayed to dead people through spirit mediums. I grew up making endless sacrifices in this religion. Because of these practices, I was afraid I could be attacked by evil spirits at any time. I had no peace! When I was 14 my country went through ... Read more

    Changed Life Story

    Jesus Film Project
    Jesus Film Project
    Today · Comments
  • Why Is the Resurrection of Jesus So Important?

    Without the cross and empty tomb, there is no Christian faith. Christ’s death and resurrection are that integral to Christianity. But the cross often seems to take center stage. In Corinth, Paul focused his strategy on preaching Christ crucified. And the cross, the picture of Jesus’ sacrifice, is ultimately the symbol that represents Christianity. But that shouldn’t take away from the victory of Jesus rising from the dead. In fact, it’s the resurrection—not the cross—that has its own triumphant holiday celebrated by Christians and non-Christians all over the world. So ... Read more

    Following Jesus

    Jesus Film Project
    Jesus Film Project
    2 days ago · Comments

Two week mission trips

Our church planting project disciples new believers and helps to raise up leaders so that the gospel will flourish and the kingdom will continue to grow.

"Everyone, Everywhere" Available Now!

"Everyone, Everywhere", written by Erick Schenkel, is a clarion call to all believers to participate in the Great Commission.

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