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  • Questions Answered

    Seeking answers to life's biggest questions, Grisha* and Matrona* looked online for a church. The young couple found one led by Petya*, a Jesus Film® staff member, and decided to attend his church's harvest celebration. After listening to the sermon that afternoon, the couple met with Petya because they had a lot of questions about Christianity. When they asked him about the death and resurrection of Christ, Petya immediately thought of the "JESUS" film. So, he pulled out a flash drive and invited Grisha and Matrona to watch the movie right ... Read more

    Changed Life Story

    Jesus Film Project
    Jesus Film Project
    1 days ago · Comments
  • 5 Tips for Loving Family Members into the Kingdom

    When it comes to sharing the gospel, there might not be a more difficult demographic than our own families. Because we love our families so much, we're filled with a strong desire to see them discover the life-changing power of the gospel—but that closeness comes with unique obstacles. There can be a lot of landmines in sharing the gospel with our families. No one is more familiar with our foibles than our loved ones. And this can make it difficult for them to recognize the impact Jesus is having on us. Sometimes they're so close ... Read more

    Following Jesus

    Jesus Film Project
    Jesus Film Project
    3 days ago · Comments

Two week mission trips

Our church planting project disciples new believers and helps to raise up leaders so that the gospel will flourish and the kingdom will continue to grow.

"Everyone, Everywhere" Available Now!

"Everyone, Everywhere", written by Erick Schenkel, is a clarion call to all believers to participate in the Great Commission.

Send "JESUS" to Closed Countries

Your gift today will provide "JESUS" DVDs and SD cards to reach the unreached and help new believers in closed nations grow in their faith.