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  • 6 Creative Ways to Experience Easter

    1. Experience by Watching Make it a movie night! Grab some popcorn, invite friends over and host a movie night in your living room or under the stars in your backyard. We've listed some movie options below. After the movie, spark conversation using some discussion questions included here.   * "The Story of Jesus for Children" * The "JESUS" film (available in more than 1,600 languages) * "Magdalena: Throught Her Eyes" Read more

    Heart for the World

    Jesus Film Project
    Jesus Film Project
    1 days ago · Comments
  • How to Respond When People Bad Mouth Christianity

    It's almost inevitable. The more vocal you are about your faith, the more likely you are to find people who are opposed to it. But how you choose to react when people take jabs at Christianity is profoundly important. Your response can set the tone for meaningful conversation and increase your influence—or it can close the door to dialogue about faith. Here are some suggestions for responding when someone criticizes your faith: Don't get defensive You're at a family gathering and the topic of religion comes up. Your new brother-in-law says, "I’m sorry ... Read more

    Following Jesus

    Jesus Film Project
    Jesus Film Project
    3 days ago · Comments

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Our church planting project disciples new believers and helps to raise up leaders so that the gospel will flourish and the kingdom will continue to grow.

"Everyone, Everywhere" Available Now!

"Everyone, Everywhere", written by Erick Schenkel, is a clarion call to all believers to participate in the Great Commission.

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Your gift today will send teams to facilitate "JESUS" film showings: reaching the unreached, mobiliing partners, and helping new believers grow in their faith.