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  • How to Walk Humbly

    The Bible tells us that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble (James 4:6). But humility is a difficult virtue to get right. It’s often misunderstood as the attribute of doormats and people who can’t speak up for themselves. When we talk about humility, it’s often as if it’s the opposite of confidence and being mindful of ourselves and our own needs. Thankfully, we have a model for humility in Jesus. He personified the humble character that God expects from us, and He wasn’t a ... Read more

    Following Jesus

    Jesus Film Project
    Jesus Film Project
    1 days ago · Comments
  • Mothers and Sons

    When my boys were younger, I tried to stay attentive to opportunities to point them toward faith in Jesus. Growing up in a Christian home didn’t necessarily mean they would become Christ-followers on their own. I knew I would need to guide them along the way. We memorized verses prompted by simple hand-gestures, read Bible stories and sang songs about Jesus. And every Sunday, we’d go to church as a family. Participation was expected, and the boys went along. Often, I wondered, “Will they grasp faith in Jesus and make ... Read more

    Following Jesus

    Julie Sanders
    6 days ago · Comments

Two week mission trips

Our church planting project disciples new believers and helps to raise up leaders so that the gospel will flourish and the kingdom will continue to grow.

"Everyone, Everywhere" Available Now!

"Everyone, Everywhere", written by Erick Schenkel, is a clarion call to all believers to participate in the Great Commission.

Help Send Much Needed Heaters for Refugees in the Middle East

Your gift today will help send "JESUS" to the Middle East through humanitarian aid.