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  • Can Movies Spark Spiritual Conversations?

    "How could the main character have handled that differently?" I asked my kids after the movie ended. Our family watches a lot of movies together. I sometimes try to find a spiritual lesson from the film that we can discuss. Some conversations are quick—others lengthy. I don't always understand some of the responses I get from my children, but they are always interesting and rich with discovery. Their answers help me know where they are in their spiritual journey. This method is used a lot during our mission trips ... Read more

    Changed Life Story

    Tez Brooks
    Today · Comments
  • Contrasting Hollywood

    Quick, what's your favorite movie ever? Chances are, the reason it's your favorite is because it had a message that touched you somehow. Back in 2009 we shot the film "Rivka" (a sequel to our movie "Magdalena: Released From Shame") primarily for Middle Eastern women. Like any religious movie, we knew it could have a very short shelf life. None of us thought God would still be using "Rivka" today. And not only in the Middle East, but in places we never imagined. Guess what else came out in ... Read more

    Following Jesus

    Tez Brooks
    2 days ago · Comments

Two week mission trips

Our church planting project disciples new believers and helps to raise up leaders so that the gospel will flourish and the kingdom will continue to grow.

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"Everyone, Everywhere", written by Erick Schenkel, is a clarion call to all believers to participate in the Great Commission.

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