Frequently Asked Questions About Jesus Film Project®

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our organization, the JESUS film, giving and partnering with us.


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Using our Resources

Is the JESUS film available in my language?

The JESUS film is available in more than 2,100 different languages. Search for yours here or by downloading the Jesus Film Project app. 

Do I need permission to show Jesus Film Project films? 

Not at all. You are welcome to show JESUS, Magdalena: Released From Shame, My Last Day—all of the Jesus Film Project films to as many people as you like. However, you must not charge admission to view our films. These films are made to be freely given; do not charge others to view them.  

Due to copyright laws, no portion of our films can be included on any DVD or other material; no new products, including but not limited to music videos, free outreach DVDs, collection of ministry resources or other ministry DVDs, may be made with scenes or audio from our films. Contact us at [email protected] with questions.

Can I use parts or clips of the film in a church service?

As long as no admission is charged, yes. For a church special program, scenes from our films may be shown in the background or added to a program DVD to be used during the program only

Due to copyright laws, no portion of our films can be included on any DVD or *other material. If you use a clip of our film in a special program, you are prohibited from making or selling DVD copies, or distributing the service for free. 

*Other material: no new products, including but not limited to music videos, free outreach DVDs, collection of ministry resources, or other ministry DVDs, may be made with scenes or audio from our films. Contact us at [email protected] with questions.

Can I show JESUS on TV?

With proper contracts, it might be possible for you to broadcast JESUS and/or other Jesus Film Project® media on television, cable, closed circuit, satellite and/or internet TV. Contact us at [email protected] with questions or to begin the licensing process.

Can I make copies to give away for free?

No, making copies of our films in physical form to distribute or give away​, even​ for free, ​is unlawful in any form or media, including DVD, video cassette, audio cassette, digital and online formats, using downloads or broadcasts. Contact us at [email protected] with questions.

How can the JESUS film and follow-up films be used by U.S. churches?

We exist to equip believers and churches to communicate the gospel around the world, but also in their communities. Explore our website to access strategic resources or easily stream films and short films from our ‘Watch’ page. These methods are great options, no matter your budget.

Can I share Jesus Film Project films online?

Absolutely! We make these films available so that everyone, everywhere has a chance to encounter Jesus through film. You are welcome to share entire films or clips on social media, blogs, or websites by using the embed codes and links found within each film or clip.

Can I use stills from the film?

Images obtained from Jesus Film Project may be used ONLY to advertise a showing of the JESUS film or for promotion of Jesus Film Project. For more information on high-resolution photos, please contact us at [email protected].

Other uses are not allowed, including using images for book illustrations, curriculums, handouts, or any other church or ministry materials. Please review our terms of use.


What is our tax ID number?

Remember, Jesus Film Project operates under the Cru ministry umbrella. Cru’s corporate tax ID number is 95-6006173.

How do I get a donation receipt?

You can request a receipt by emailing us at email [email protected] or by calling 1-888-278-7233.

About Jesus Film Project

What happens after someone sees the film?

At the end of each JESUS film showing, film team members and local pastors gather those interested in knowing Jesus to pray and instruct them in their new faith. They help answer questions about the gospel and give them the opportunity to indicate their decision to follow Christ. The teams document the names and addresses of those who choose to follow Jesus.

These new believers are then invited to visit local churches and attend Bible studies in their communities. If there is no local church to welcome them in, one is often formed.

What is Jesus Film Project’s vision?

Jesus Film Project is committed to the vision of the Great Commission as laid out by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20

We trust God to help us carry out this vision by giving everyone in the world an opportunity to know and trust Him through our films and strategies. Watch our vision video to learn more.

How are you trusting God to carry out this vision?

We can only trust the Lord to accomplish His mission. For over 40 years, we’ve seen him provide Jesus Film Project with staff members, partners and financial resources to help take the message of Jesus to the world. If you would like to learn more about how to partner with us, visit our “Partners” page. Explore the rest of our website to learn how you can participate in mission trips, give and pray.

Which version of the Bible does the JESUS film quote?

We used the Good News Translation (GNT) in the English version of the JESUS film. This Bible translation, originally called the Good News for Modern Man or Today’s English Version, was published in 1976 by the American Bible Society.

Is the JESUS film historically accurate?

We went to great lengths to make the film as biblically and historically accurate as possible. The Gospel of Luke is the basis for the script, and every word Jesus speaks is a quotation from the Bible. The script was reviewed by a team of 450 leaders and scholars to ensure it was true to the biblical account of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

This accuracy extends to our treatment of the historical setting. The JESUS film was filmed on location in Israel and portrays the region’s culture in the first century A.D. The clothing, pottery and other props featured were made using first-century methods, and telephone poles and power lines were removed from the landscapes.

You can find more detailed director’s notes on the movie’s accuracy here.

Who are the Bible translators who have contributed to the JESUS film script?

The movie JESUS is based on the Gospel of Luke, and as such any script translation that ultimately becomes a language version of JESUS is heavily dependent on faithful Bible translators. For a list of the translation teams that we are indebted to, please refer to this PDF.

What job opportunities are available at Jesus Film Project?

Jesus Film Project offers internships, supported staff positions, part-time and full-time job opportunities. If you are interested in serving with Jesus Film Project, you can visit the Serve with Us page to see a list of our current open positions.

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