Strategic ways to bring Jesus to the world

Ministry Strategies

Learn cutting-edge approaches to engage and inspire your community. Unleash the power of digital platforms and innovative communication tools to reach people where they are. Embrace practical strategies that connect hearts with the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ. Share the gift of the gospel using these free ministry strategies. 

Jesus Film Project App

You don’t need to speak another language to reach someone’s heart. The smartphone app will help you share Jesus in more than 1,800 languages.

Jesus Film Mission Trips

Make and impact by going on or leading an international trip. 

Mission 865

There are 865 documented language groups in the world with 50,000 or more speakers, representing roughly 323 million people. We want to share Jesus with them.

File Zero

Reach teenagers with the gospel using this 14-part animated video series. Lead spiritual discussions with leader guides and discussion questions.

Outreach Strategies

Share the story of Jesus in your community with the people around you. When you build meaningful relationships with your neighbors and show the JESUS film in the heart language of the people around you, you help advance the gospel without ever leaving home.

Global Short Film Network

Are you a filmmaker looking for methods to create visual stories? The GSFN helps ministries create or choose from short films to spark conversations about Jesus.

Story of the Soul

An interactive outreach experience connecting people to a story you’d like to share—the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Knowing Jesus

From the initial discovery of Jesus, to the discipleship of new believers with a heart to multiply, the strategy you need is Knowing Jesus.

Women’s Strategies

We want to help women everywhere get to know Jesus. The films, Bible studies and additional outreach strategies for women on this page are designed to help women grow in their spiritual journey.

Journey to Jesus

Journey to Jesus provides you with a range of curated ministry tools in one place. This resource is designed to reach immigrant and refugee populations.

Beginning with Jesus

From meeting Christ to maturing in Him, using the JESUS film alongside the Transferable Concepts, the strategy you need is Beginning with Jesus.

Still in need of some strategies to extend your ministry’s reach? Find additional tools under our products page.

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