Global Short Film Network

Creating meaningful conversation through film

Share your story through film

The goal of Global Short Film Network (GSFN) is to help people connect to the gospel through the power of story. With the Jesus Film Project, we have discovered the power of film to transform lives. The GSFN equips filmmakers—especially those outside of North America—to create visual short stories that work as springboards to conversations about Jesus.

Creating short films

We work with filmmakers to create or choose short films with an underlying biblical theme like forgiveness, success, sacrifice, and love. We then coach filmmakers on how to create stories that resonate with their culture.

Connecting people with films that point to Christ

With each short film, we provide discussion questions to help you start Christ-centered conversations. These questions enable viewers to connect the film to their own story, and see their story within the framework of God’s bigger story.

Many of the films have been subtitled in 14 languages to make them more accessible to the students, teachers, and churches in 76 countries using GSFN films.

The movies can be watched online, viewed on the Jesus Film Project App, downloaded, or purchased on DVD, and shared with your social media networks and embedded on blogs and websites.

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