Partner With Us

Global Evangelism Ministry Services 

Sharing Jesus with the world is no easy feat. Let’s work together as partners in ministry to share the story of Jesus in your communities and across the globe.

Man holding a projector and another man holding a remote surrounded by village children

How Your Ministry Benefits

Use our ministry resources and services to share the gospel in your communities. When we become partners, we’ll serve you by providing:

Access to Proven Christian Outreach Strategies.

On average, 10% of people who attend JESUS film showings make the decision to follow Christ. As partners, you’ll get access to this film and many others, plus free curriculums and other written guides to lead your church, life group or family.

Strategy Development & Innovation.

Equip your church or organization with a team of like-minded leaders to lean on for strategy guidance. We’ll help your ministry develop innovative solutions for planting churches and training your missionaries.

Promotion of Your Church or Organization.

Help increase awareness for your church or organization when you partner with ours. We’ll feature your ministry on our site, in blogs, and in email newsletters.

Serve With Us

Learn how our organizations can work together to deliver the gospel to people with little access to Jesus. Join us on a mission trip or partner with us to support our Mission 865.

Access to a Prayer Community and Resources

Prayer changes lives. Pray with us using our monthly prayer packets, six-month prayer inserts and prayer experience app. Submit your ministry’s own prayer requests to the app to create a community of support around your request.

Equipment Strategies.

Receive equipment you can use to show the JESUS film in your communities. NewLifeBox™ kits, projectors, microSD cards, tablets — these are just a few pieces of equipment available to you when we become partners.

Spread the Word

Our ministries exist to glorify Jesus Christ. Do your part in sharing the Gospel with your friends and church community. Find tips on how you can use our resources to share His story in your city.

We can reach more people together than we can on our own. Contact us to become a ministry partner.